One valance + a little elastic=

2 happy boys.  Or they will be once my nephew and Noah get to go to the pool in their matching trunks.

I’m hoping that growing up Noah and his cousin will be tight.  He has two younger sisters now, and any brothers that he will have will be no less than 4 years younger than him.  At just under 2 years apart, I think the odds of my nephew and Noah being close are probably pretty good.  But why not cement that with matching pants?

I’ve been looking at supplex nylon and other such swim worthy materials, and I decided it was going to be too expensive to make trunks, plus I couldn’t find a pattern…my nephew’s barely big enough for the smallest of small swim trunk patterns, and Noah’s too small period.  So I improvised.  Before I went to Denver Fabrics last week (when they had supplex on sale for 99 cents/yd–I’d stash it, but it’s just going to sit for a really really long time), I popped by the thrift store to see what I could come up with.

Lo and behold, I found this nifty poly window valance with big construction signs and trucks on it.  My nephew mega loves Bob the Builder, so I knew this would be a score.  I even found a nice poly knit there too that would be perfect for lining.  None of this stuff feels fantastic, but you’re getting wet in them–they dry quick and it’s pretty hard to pass up non-licensed boy fabric.  There’s not too much of it to be had, especially for cheap.

I traced a pair of Noah’s pants that fit him now for his pattern.  I used the XS in McCalls’ 4364 for my nephew.  I serged everything together, including the lining which is a first for me.  I did a rolled hem on the lining hem, and I tucked it underneath the casing.  I added grommets and threaded through a thick elastic cording for a drawstring instead of normal elastic.  I need to get more of this stuff and rethread Noah’s because his are a bit snug as this elastic doesn’t have a lot of give.  I might just get a shoestring instead…

This was a fun project–I cut everything in the morning and put both shorts together in one short nap minus hammering on the grommets.  I’m done for a while sewing for others.  I needed a mental break from my own projects, but I’m ready to get back to more complicated projects.

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