21 Wale corduroy tunic and leggings


If the Lord decided to give me just boys, I’m really glad that I have 4 nieces to sew for.  Niece #2 has her birthday this week and I wanted to make good use of my Ottobres for her.


The top is Ottobre 6-2009-9–a velveteen tunic with elasticated sleeves and pockets, and front and back yokes.  My niece looks not unlike the model, so when I saw this pattern, I knew this look was for her.


I used this floral print from Kaufman’s Cool Cords collection I got at fabric.com.  This stuff is wonderful to sew with and is a perfect weight for children’s clothing.  It has all the pretty movement of corduroy, but it’s light weight enough to be gathered easily and manipulated into delicate hand rolled hems.  If you’re a beginner wanting to sew corduroy, this stuff will spoil you in how easily it sews up.


I made up the leggings that are paired in the magazine with this tunic too (Ottobre 6-2009-10).  I didn’t do as faithful of a job gathering the bottoms of the legs into the cuffs; the buttons are a little off from each other on each side.  Gathering evenly inside of a tiny tube is tricky…next time I’d baste it before I serged the cuffs just to check.

Back to sewing for my boys.  Melly Sews is hosting a month of sewing for boys on her site.  I’m looking forward to a sewing up a pile of t-shirts and sweatpants with her wonderful free patterns.

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