Sewing room update, part 1

My husband and I have spent some time over the past few weeks making the sewing room more user friendly and nicer looking.  It’s really our catch-all room.  Noah sleeps there, the desktop is in here, plus we have a twin bed up against the wall that was set up before Noah was born.  All that didn’t leave me a lot of extra space to move around in. 

What we came up with works better for everyone.  I’ll show the desk tomorrow, but for today, here’s what I came up with for hanging my rulers and rotary mat and miscellaneous supplies that I need to put somewhere accessible to me, but not the baby.

I’ve been hanging my rulers on a scrap of pegboard I found at Home Depot that I got for free.  I love the functionality of it, but it’s not terribly attractive in its raw state (not unattractive–just kind of boring).

  There’s a jiffy paper store not too far from me, and I knew they’d have something fun to decoupage the peg board with.  Originally, I went in there to find this paper that they had a while back with rulers all over it.  I used the same stuff to cover one of my Samsonites that I use for zippers. 

That was until I saw these amazing papers with Italian scenery. It reminded me of our honeymoon, and the leaning tower is backdropped on my most favorite shade of aqua…

It was very very easy to upgrade the pegboard.  I just applied ModPodge to the board itself and the paper, smoothing it out as I went along.  I put 2 coats of ModPodge over the paper after it had dried and then used the pegs to punch the holes.  I put another coat over the paper once all the holes were punched.  I totally love the result!

I’ll leave you today with exhibit #106 of how you know you have a rather curious toddler.

5 thoughts on “Sewing room update, part 1

  1. Very good ideas! It’s wonderful to see a young Mom such as yourself sewing! More people need to teach their girls the skill; especially sewing modest clothing and dresses, which are almost impossible to find in today’s stores. Young girls and ladies have no idea what modesty is, since there is nothing available to compare modern apparel with!
    Keep sewing, and be a good example of modesty to the young girls by your skills and choice of style; often, young girls approach me and ask where I bought my clothes! I tell them I sew. They are always impressed – God Bless you.

  2. That’s the best looking pegboard I’ve ever seen! I also love your train case (that’s what us old folks call that shape of Samsonite you cleverly covered). I never would have thought of doing that. I’d love to know how you applied it. Glue? Modge Podge?

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