Side laced floral jeans


2 weeks ago I endured a miserable jeans shopping experience.  I was a little gun-shy about making another pair because my last pair have never been wearable.  See, somewhere between 5 and 7 months postpartum, every time I have just dropped 5 pounds for no reason.  I made said jeans in this period and 5 pounds and me and pants…well, I’ve found myself in need of jeans as these are the only ones that don’t fall off me, and even they are a little loose.

As I’m going from store to store on this particular bad day, I was struck not only by how horribly RTW jeans fit (“craaaaazy crotches” paired with headache and tears), but how boring they are.  I was met with row after row of dark jeans with nothing to distinguish them but back pocket embroidery.  Loft had some better options, but their back crotch poofs out all along the seam on me…strange If I needed something to remind myself that I can sew jeans and that I like the process of designing a new pair, honey that day pushed me over the edge.


I got home and looked through my stash and remembered this super fun floral denim I picked up at Denver Fabrics some months ago.  In my blind anger over the day, I literally threw the denim in the wash and thought, hey, I can add some eyelets and lace up the side seams.  Since I’d already done the pattern work on Jalie 2908 of adding a side seam vent on my designer pastiche jeans, I left the side seam as is, figuring I could add the eyelets where the buttons would have been.  Because vents are just that and not slits, the opening is completely covered–important for this time of year.  I didn’t want any kind of cool air running up my legs.  I bought the eyelets and the setter from here, though I had another tiny eyelet anvil from a Dritz kit which really helped the process.  I purposely made the lacing uneven for looks.  Because this is purely decorative lacing, this works fine.


I hand-embroidered the pockets a little with a running stitch, echoing the meandering of the floral pattern.


I was hoping to add eyelets in the place of the rivets, but there were too many layers of fabric to go through, so I used my standard silver rivets.  I’m making a mental note that I should buy some gold ones too as they would have worked better with this fabric.


For the life of me I cannot get rid of the wrinkle where my bum meets my legs, but the fit below and above that point looks good, and Lord knows that the fit is still way better than what I can buy.  I think I will puzzle out things with my fit group some more.


I’m glad that I took the time to just make a pair of jeans.  The process is so much more rewarding for me than buying something, and this time the results proved to be equally more rewarding.

Yet another Jalie 2908 pattern review here!


6 thoughts on “Side laced floral jeans

  1. They are great-looking jeans with such fun details! I agree with Sharon about the wrinkles. You’d have to have some serious stretch to the denim to be able to avoid wrinkles altogether.

    I suppose it’s good to go jeans shopping to remind yourself why you sew (:
    It’s been 6+ years since I tried shopping for pants (or any clothes for that matter, besides underwear.) Although I do sometimes walk through clothing departments to inspect construction details.

  2. These are very cool! The fit looks perfect to me–the wrinkles look incidental to the photo taking business and, as Sharon says, the ease required to move has to go somewhere when you’re still and straight. Luckily, I can buy Levi 529s off the rack, though they lowered the waist this year and I am not as happy with them. But the thought of making jeans is so daunting!

  3. Nice attention to details and creative work. I see you also made the belt loop in an X in the back which is something I haven’t seen before.

  4. When I fit the waistband, I had to add a CB seam to it. The X allows for a belt loop in back but without having to sew through as many layers of denim as I would have had to with that extra bulk from the added seam.

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