Tie sweater in process

I’m moving forward with the Wardrobe Basics Sew Along.  Of course I’m not going in order of the list. I figured I’d get the really cooler weather things out of the way so that I could still get some use out of them this season.

On Saturday Sam and I had a good adventure at Denver Fabrics to buy fabric for the rest of the sew along items.  I’m really looking forward to the jacket I’m making a detachable faux fur collar for.  Though it took me 2 hours to get out of there, inspiration struck, and thankfully Sam was a trooper.

On the table right now is my waist tie sweater.  I fell instantly in love with this jacket (1-2012-106–though this is the 107 picture because I like it better, but I’m using the 106 length) from the January Burdastyle.

Modell PhotoThis horse is clearly a unicorn in disguise who breathes out glittered rainbows I’m sure.

I found this fluffy purple sweater rib knit at the Sew Expo a couple of weeks ago and picked it up.  It’s not quite as fluffy as the modeled fabric and I think it’s some sort of cotton blend, so it’s not super warm, but at this point of the year that means I’ll get more use out of it.  Yay!  If I ever find something wool and gauzy and fluffy, you bet your glittered unicorn I will pull out this pattern again even if ruffles aren’t in.

All that’s left is to attach the ruffles.  I’ve thought about how to get around hand sewing on this, but in the end, I think I will bite the bullet and hand sew them just so that I can get everything just where I want it.  I need to pick off the belt carriers and make them a little narrower and move them a little more towards the back as well.  I’m not entirely sure that they’re not off from each other too.  So I’ll fix that too.

How are other people doing with their progress, or if you’re not sewing along, what’s on your table?


One thought on “Tie sweater in process

  1. I really like your sweater! I am still pondering what I will do for that garment. I’m thinking I might make a light weight jacket instead.
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, too! I really appreciate it.

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