Insomnia bag


Well, not really, but in the midst of insomnia yesterday morning, I thought, why not finish the bag I started on Monday.

It’s another diaper bag and matching chaning pad for one of Nathan’s friends from college.  She expressed a need for one and I already had one half cut out, so it was a quick project.  There are lots of interior pockets and I made a 3 tab button closure because I was feeling quirky. 

reddiaperbaginsideinside view


matching changing pad/playmat

Noah and I listened to some polka while I sewed.  He thinks accordion is funny–or at least he drools and coos and laughs with sheer delight when he hears it.  He’s particularly fond of Skater’s Waltz, which, I admit I practiced A LOT while he was a cookin’.  I think I’ve asked this before, but it’s always interesting to me–what do you listen to while you’re working?


3 thoughts on “Insomnia bag

  1. I listen for moments of silence, because that is when I know I have to stop sewing and start looking at what my kids are doing!!! 😀 I can’t see the pictures, I guess I’ll have to come back later to see how great they are! xo

  2. Love the colors in the bag. I usually listen to some book (fiction) I’ve put on my ipod, but because I have to pause it a lot, I sometimes just listen to the music that’s on there. There’s a lot of variety in that, anything from contemporary Christian to Celtic to Classical.

  3. If it’s before 3pm, I listen to books. If it’s after 3, I’m tuned in to NPR news. Occasionally, I get the urge to listen to country music.

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