The T-shirt project–make it work for you

So an update before we get going with The T-shirt Project on Wednesday.

First off, the badge is linking properly now, so feel free to grab it and add it onto your blog.

The guidelines that I set up in the original post are for me.  I would call myself an intermediate sewist looking for a challenge.  I’m ready to look at the larger design world and incorporate details I see because I know how they’re put together now.  Drafting also seems less daunting because I know what I’m looking at when I see pattern pieces.

If you’re not there, or you’re beyond it, all the better.  We all learn differently and approach the same problem from a different perspective.  My hope for this project is to collect a group of people to encourage each other to work with knits and to realize some possibilities in doing so.  If you want to make 12 t-shirts that are identical in form but different in color and maybe texture, go for it.

Men's T-shirts

If you want to make a Grecian draped wedding dress in bamboo jersey, that’s awesome too.


We all have something to bring to the party.  Speaking of which, I fixed the badge for the sew along so that it links properly.

On the table is a hack of this Cabi t-shirt.


I’m doing the final fitting right now and I’ll get us started on Wednesday with the details of it.

2 thoughts on “The T-shirt project–make it work for you

  1. I have done the 12 t-shirts in 12 different fabrics and no one everyone who noticed just thought I had a new shirt, the pattern was never mentioned. Probably because every one has lots of t-shirts. I like your idea of using the pattern that has a good fit as the basic for new designs. When I was sewing most of my wardrobe, I didn’t understand design. Your new project looks very modern.

  2. Wow girl….you have been a sewing FOOL!!! See what happens when you get a “swanky” (liking your word!) sewing space??!!! Sorry to be so far behind, everything you’ve done looks awesome!! as usual! 😛 I LOVE the button skirt and your first tee is divine!! As far as your collar dilemma…everyone seems to have made great suggestions, and since I don’t sew for me I don’t feel I should weigh in…other than to say that I didn’t notice the piecing either, but if you feel the need to point it out then obviously you will be unhappy with it…right? hope to catch up more soon!!

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