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I’ve been trying to gather the motivation to tackle my next project.  Several weeks ago I traced off and went through muslin #1 of Burda 05-2010-110.  Wouldn’t you know that I can’t find anyone has written about it or made it up yet?  Where are you petite sewers of Burda?  I need your help.

There are two problems–one that I can fix and one that leaves me with my head a scratchin.  #1–CF is way too low for my taste.  There are some pleats that make raising it by the 2.5″ I estimate I need (I usually raise it only by 1″ if that gives you an idea of how low it is) a little tricky, but that I can figure out.

The larger problem #2:  What on earth is this sleeve?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to fit into the armscye.  In typical Burda style, the directions are cryptic and somehow semi-clear on the topic of the sleeve too.  I’ll quote: “Trim allowance on outer edge of cap sleeves to 1/4″ wide, press to inside, and stitch.  Press allowance on straight back edge of cap sleeves to inside.  Baste cap sleeves to neck edge, from each front section seam to back abutting line, with wrong side facing right side.”  Looking at these directions and the line drawings and this almost makes sense.  There’s some kind of placement line that I think the straight part of the sleeve is supposed to be attached to.  I need to go back to the pattern sheet and puzzle it out.  I’m convinced I’m making it harder than it really is.

The good news is that there’s nothing I need to change on this pattern other than the height of center front.  The fit is perfect right out of the gate.  Yee haw for petite patterns!

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3 responses to “Stuck

  1. What a cute pattern! It looks like a nice style for you. Those “sleeves” are really cape type things which are sewn to the neckline.

  2. In theory, almost all the Petite patterns Burda puts out are on my To Sew List…when I eventually get to it. This one is but I haven’t even traced it out. Will be following your progress.

  3. This is on my wishlist to sew for dd#2 – who is petite.

    Did you figure out the sleeve?

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