Sure serging


What with as many clothes that I’ve been making and will continue to make, I decided it was time for a serger to take up residence in my house.  The wee little card table that I sew on is perhaps a bit too small for 2 machines, but it’s not really that big of a problem.  I was not prepared for the serger though.  Gnomey seriously is the nicest little machine.  So intuitive to use, so simple, so sturdy.  Just. Great.  Not that the serger isn’t…but sergers truly are a bit finicky.  All the threading and tension–it takes some time to get used to.

So far, I’ve used the serger for finishing the a shirt that I haven’t bothered blogging about though I like it very much and my purple dress.  Today Noah has been rather sleepy, so I took the opportunity to make my Craft Hope blankets (just a single layer of flannel edged with bias binding).  In addition to the blankets, I made some handkerchiefs which Craft Hope is also asking for with my serger.  I figured it was a simple project for me to practice serging on because let’s face it–though it’s necessary to practice on scraps before you start serging, it’s a bit boring.  So by the 8th handkerchief (the bottom sample in the picture, the top is the 1st one I made), I think my ability to serge a decent rolled hem has improved considerably.  The fabric is some beautiful calico from Nathan’s Grandma’s stash (she was kind enough to let me raid it).

Additionally, Ann tagged me to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. Here goes:

1.  Chopping big piles of vegetables and mise en place: A big knife, some music, and things smelling lovely in the kitchen–really, can your day get better?

2.  Accordion:  Can you be grumpy and polka?  I think not.

3.  Opera:  The marriage of every art imaginable executed at a wickedly high level of expertise all wrapped up in tremendous music.

4.  Baking: There’s nothing quite like a tray of perfect cookies or the beauty of a well-executed sponge cake batter.

5.  Playing video games with my husband:  Lego Star Wars just might be about the funnest thing ever.

6.  Making my son smile: honestly, I never thought I was such a ham.  It’s so amazing to see his little face light up.

I will tag Lauranie, Susie, Nils (if you have a chance getting used to married life and all) and Dawn.

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2 responses to “Sure serging

  1. Congratulations!! I LLLOOOOVVVVE my serger! Did you stay with Janome or get a different brand? Your rolled hem looks great! So neat, very nice! Now I’m off to write a quick post about my unimportant “happy” things! :)

  2. Ah, you can see how far behind I am on my blog reading, now… How did this summer pass so fast??

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