(Don’t step on my) Blue Twill Shoes


I’ve had this pair of flats in my closet forever.  They’re really too narrow for my feet and the animal print, while perfectly fine does not really suit my coloring.  So, they’ve been stuck in the closet.  In trying to figure out a way to save them, I came across the idea of using Mod Podge to cover your shoes.  Of course!  I remember my Mom doing just that to a legion of shoes for a church choir program circa 1992 in no less than mauve moire (eek!).

I pulled out some blue twill leftover from this jacket and a bottle of Mod Podge and went to town.  What I didn’t know is that regular Mod Podge dries quite hard on fabric–stiff and scratchy.  Unpleasant.  I thought to take some sandpaper to it and the sandpaper smoothed it out straight away.  Apparently there is fabric Mod Podge too–I wonder if it has more flexibility after it’s dried.  Does anyone know?

Then while flipping through Indygo Junction’s  Fabric Flowers, I came across this picture:

This was a perfect way to embellish the shoes.  I love piping so much!





The fabric flower was rather straightforward–just piping rolled in on itself stitching on the way by hand with a running stitch.  I covered the bottoms with felt and glued them on the shoes (after a curved needle failed to pierce through the shoe) with E6000.

The shoes still pinch my feet, but they’re cute enough now, I’m willing to suffer for an hour or two at a time on nonconsecutive Tuesdays for a song and a good cup of tea.

Anyone else saved a pair of shoes with a little doodad or two?

4 thoughts on “(Don’t step on my) Blue Twill Shoes

  1. Elizabeth you are so creative! Too cute! Have you tried stretching them. Soak the insides with rubbing alcohol and wear them until the are dry – not much fun! I have not sent out an email about Mockups because I have not heard back from Pastor Kent. I want to make sure we have the room before I email Jeanie. This is strange because he always emails back within a day. I will send him another one on Monday and call him On Wednesday if I haven’t heard anything. However, the phone calls usually go to voice mail. Linda

    Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:39:12 +0000 To: aalinda1@msn.com

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