Free People Lace Cuff Thermal copy tee


This tee has been a long time coming.  Some time ago, Free People came out with this line of thermal tees with lace appliqued on the sleeve.  Being a lace lover, this made be positively dotty.  I really like the soft romantic feel + the slight edgy look.  It took me quite a long time to find just the right kind of lace.

It was difficult to find the right appliques because it was hard to find just the right shape that wasn’t too big or too small to fit in the sleeve area.  I also wanted a certain amount of negative space so I could cut out behind the applique for contrast.  A great number of Venise lace appliques are collars, so it’s a bit tricky to find something that will work for sleeves.  Mary Not Martha on Etsy has a crazy selection of appliques and among her offerings, I settled on a pair of feather appliques which were close to the size of my forearm and a good width.

The applique is backed with power knit.  I think I will write a separate tutorial for how I did this in my next post so that this post doesn’t run too long.


The pattern is Ottobre 5-2012-11.  This pattern was uncharacteristically unhelpful in explaining how to do the front gathers.  It wasn’t marked at all on the pattern, and the directions are more vague than Ottobre usually is.  I wonder if this isn’t because the other two t-shirts in the issue are both scoop necks and the gathers on this tee skew it into more of a v-neck shape.  The directions for binding the v-neck are very clear and helpful.


At the last moment, I decided that this needed to be lined because my bamboo knit was a hair too sheer.  I effectively bagged the mesh lining, sewing it around the armholes from the inside for a clean finish.  From there, I basted the necklines of the fashion fabric and the lining together and bound them as one in the neck binding.  I left the lining hanging free at the hem and didn’t hem it because I’m on the fence about the length.  The tee is very long.  I shortened it a couple of inches, and it’s still very very long on me.  Another reminder that I am not Finnish in height.  I’m going to see how I wear this tee within my wardrobe for a while before I decide if I want to shorten it or not.

I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  I don’t think there was one minute of making this that I didn’t enjoy thoroughly.  Would that all projects were this fun.

I’m entering this into the Bargainista Contest on PR.


My full review is here and please vote for me!

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