Sneak Peek at my new jeans


Can’t finish them until next week, but these jeans are going to be a fun adventure into hand embroidery.  Plus they’re a pale orchid–yay purple jeans!  I got the fit down probably better than I ever have, and the legs are all constructed and ready for embroidery.

On a side note, I was in Houston last weekend for this and found zero fabric.  Zero.  I went to High Fashion Fabrics downtown and was met with way too much formal fabric and truly lovely fabric that was a mere $120/yd (?!).  Empty-handed I left.  Then I went to Universal Fabric in Rice Village which was crammed to the rafters with fabric, but they were all stacked vertically on rolls and bolts.  To find anything you’d literally have to dig, and there was a miserable smell of decay that was giving me a headache in there.  But there were gorgeous unique buttons if you decided you were in a button-buying mood.  I was not.

I did learn one thing in both stores: real Missoni is amazing.  It feels absolutely beautiful–light and warm and smooth.  It is fabric that has a presence, and I now understand the price of it.  Good thing for me, Missoni will probably never produce a knit in my colors…my coloring is decidedly un-Italian.  Sad.

One thought on “Sneak Peek at my new jeans

  1. Cute jeans! I read on another blog just yesterday that orchid is the color for 2014. I am a big fan of all shades of purple, so I was glad to hear that announcement :).

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