Vintage Pattern girl collages and other non-sewing sewing related things


Merry Christmas!  I hope today is a happy one for you and your family.

It’s hard not to love the illustrations that come in vintage patterns.  They’re charming, so “of an era” in coloring and styling, and they always leave you wondering what these people are thinking about.

The vintage patterns that I pick up for pennies at my local thrift store often feature those cheeky pattern girls but not so interesting (I think) styles–or at least certainly not interesting enough to deal with the headache of a non multi-sized pattern.  And once you get to the point of realizing that you can never never sew every pattern you own, you have to either

  1. chuck the patterns,
  2. share them,
  3. do something else with them, or
  4. let them rot in a corner (ack! the clutter!).

I choose option #3.  As such, I’ve wanted to create a series of collages based on operas (I think Cosi fan Tutte or Hansel and Gretel would be great candidates) with pattern illustrations, but thus far I haven’t found the right patterns.  Yet I accumulate the vintage patterns because I have no doubt that the right materials will present themselves to me in the proper time.


I have no idea what else I’d do with ric rac…not my style, but so fun.

Until then, I made up some bookmarks for my women’s Bible study.  I’m shocked at how much some of the pattern girls look like the women in my group.

My friends and I do a (sort of) Secret Santa, and I created  the collage (see title picture at the top of this post) for my friend V.  She’s a traveler by nature and is going skiing in France soon for a birthday trip for her sister.  She most certainly would be dressed in this sporty vermillion number were she a 1960s kind of girl).  Being a poetry loving sort, I added a stanza of Song of the Open Road by Whitman.  And what savvy traveler would be complete without a proper bag?  I made this one with leather scraps, an old button, and an old curtain ring cut in half.

liberty monogram magnet

Bonus: I also made a quick monogram magnet for her with a scrap of Liberty leftover from this project sandwiched between covered belt frames (I will never make a belt this large).  I used tacky glue and embroidery thread to fill up the space between the frames to make a cleaner look.


well, it will look cleaner when I wipe off the excess dried glue…

So there’s it for some non-sewing sewing related crafty things to do between sewing things.  Does anyone else have good ideas for repurposing vintage sewing materials?

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