Guilio Cesare lace knit top


Happy Thanksgiving all!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful time with the people you love.

And hello neglected blog.  Life has been busy here.  Still sewing, but healing from an ulcer has kind of taken over my writing energy.  I’m making great discoveries in my other favorite place (the kitchen) with fermented foods and just adding more veg to my life.  I think ultimately, this whole thing will be for the better of me and my family, but for now, it’s often an energy suck.  I’m starting to have hope that things are getting better, and definitely cooking and sewing are helping keep my mind and my hands busy when I’m feeling the most frustrated and discouraged by this process.  That and scripture and Bible study are keeping me from losing it.

No, strike that, I’ve lost it many times since I started feeling bad after my youngest was born, but really since March.  I haven’t written about it before because who wants to know about the nitty gritty of people’s digestive problems?  But in my frustration, the promise of Psalm 121:3 has been really near my heart, “He will not allow your foot to slip; your Protector will not slumber.”  So often I’ve needed that encouragement.  I’m beginning to see hope.  I had no idea it would look like a cabbage…

But I was excited about this tee.  I feel like more of my clothes should be inspired by any of the many operas that I watch and listen to.  I took the inspiration from the Met’s recent production by David McVicar of Handel’s Guilio Cesare in this dress worn here by Patricia Bardon as Cornelia.

Brigitte Reiffenstuel really designed some gorgeous costumes for this production ranging from Cleopatra’s glow in the dark bling to jodhpurs paired with fantastic military jackets (oh, the swish of tailored wool!) that make you believe that jodhpurs are actually wearable, but this dress really stood out for me.  The sleeve as far as I could tell has at least 2 layers of lace and the motifs are just allowed to hang freely down Cornelia’s arms…it’s perfect for the elegant, feminine, strong lady that Cornelia is…and it stands as a sharp contrast to the torture that she has to go through later in the opera.

I took my TNT t-shirt (Jalie 2921) + a scoop neck from an Ottobre pattern, and added a yoke of lace that I backed with a gold-flecked camel knit.  The ivory tube knit and the gold both came from Needle Nook and the lace I bought at the last sewing expo here.  Because Jalie uses the same block for their t-shirts, I knew that the flutter sleeve from Jalie 2787 would fit fine in the armscye.  It being November, I wasn’t going to leave the sleeve unlined, and it fit my inspiration to make a double layer sleeve again with the gold knit.  I like how the lace stands out from the rest of the garment in contrast to the slim-fitting gold sleeve beneath.

I hemmed the lace with a decorative scallop stitch.  Simple, but effective.  So that the lace didn’t get sucked down into the machine, I used toilet paper as a stabilizer per these instructions.  Brilliant–I will do that again as it pulls out much more easily than tissue paper.

Certainly my efforts here are more humble than a Met production, but I always enjoy a good t-shirt, and expanding my knowledge of working with lace is something I’m always up for.

4 thoughts on “Guilio Cesare lace knit top

  1. Another lovely creative make. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with (:
    “His mercies are new every morning”…that one’s carried me through many times.
    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling yucky. We’ve done our share of “special” diets here. It can take a long time to settle on something that works for you. SCD worked well for one of my kids (and me, too) but I didn’t want to sustain it for much longer (2 years was long enough). I guess I’m learning more toward a pseudo-paleo now.

  2. Digestive issues suck. So sorry to hear you are having issues. In my house we have a celiac sufferer, a vegetarian with sensitivity to all processed foods, and a gluten/dairy sensitive IBS meal lover. Makes meal planning annoying, if not impossible. 😦 Hope you feel better soon.

    Love the top. I like the idea of stabilizing with toilet paper. I have used rolls of adding machine paper and crepe paper streamers as stabilizers, The crepe paper tears away really easily too. I will keep toilet paper in mind for potential future use.

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