Rompers from blankets

The magic closet has aged the dress well enough with the aid of a belt that I’m not going to call it a wadder.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s not near as bad as I thought.  I wore it to a CO Opera production for kids of the Barber of Seville that I went to with my oldest (I’m so proud he likes opera).


This week has been sewing for Josh week.  My husband and I are both being baby minimalists, our perfect number of blankets is the number of blankets that will get spit up upon before laundry day -2.  Despite this formula, people always give you blankets, and some of them have really nice fabric.  I have a hard time simply donating extra blankets if they’re made from good fabric when kids’ fabric is not the easiest thing for me to procure.  So, I whipped up a very cozy fleece version and minky version of Ottobre 6-2009-4 from 2 such blankets.  I’ve had a hard time with my homemade onesies’ snaps pulling out, so I liked the zip front idea featured in this pattern vs the snap inseam.

I thought I could forego the pockets on the inky romper, but the finished product looked a little bare, so I cut pockets from my scraps…hence that “eyeballed” sort of look to the pockets.  The pockets on the fleece version went on better.


The fleece one is also extra warm, which is great on a snowy day like today .  As cozy as he is in it, he’s even more cozy to hold.  My child, the Snuggie:


The minky, when it was a blanket was backed with a striped cotton interlock. The same issue of Ottobre has a little snap shoulder tee that works really well under the romper, and the cotton knit was a good choice for that pattern.


So, 2 blankets yielding 3 garments–I’m pretty happy with that return.

The t-shirt pattern review is here.

The romper pattern review is here.

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