A neutral void


As I said, I’ve been working on Burdastyle’s Jan 2011 cover dress.  I was immediately drawn to the collar, and indeed it’s a great design feature.  And though the thought of making a bagazillion buttonholes in a knit was initially scary, they went in without issue through the aid of some lightweight fusible interfacing.

That is where the love ends for this dress.  I fully lined it (beautifully I might add) because the knit was too sheer to go without.  While the pattern certainly had enough ease despite it not being a pattern with a lining, it added far too much bulk in the final dress.  This pattern needs more drape because you have to style it with a belt.

About that ease…it shouldn’t surprise me that a dress with this line drawing

would end up being shapeless and kind of nightgownesque right?  Why do we forge on hoping for a better end?  With all the bulk in the middle, this dress ends up feeling uncomfortably matronly on me.  Perhaps a better belt would help…

But the worst by far is that the color of this dress makes my skin look positively jaundiced.  You think you’re doing yourself a favor getting something close to your skin tone (hey, it’s neutral, it’ll go with everything!), but I think in that range, you have to be 100% right with the color or it kind of voids you out.

On the upside, it is the nicest finished wadder I’ve ever made.

shirtdress2My full review is here.

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11 thoughts on “A neutral void

  1. I think it looks pretty on you! Maybe a belt instead of matching tie will liven it up for you or make u not feel the lil bit of roominess around the waist that comes with the style? :)

  2. I think with a rocking belt that stand out, and maybe some interesting earring that pop with color, the neutralizing aspect of the dress might diminish. Besides that it does look lovely and professional on your figure, not matronly. sewingforme.wordpress.com

  3. I love the boots with it- why not throw a fun brown belt with it- something textural in a different way from the dress fabric- I love it- you should too!

  4. Wear it with a scarf that works with your coloring–emerald green? That way the color is up near your face. The dress is super-cool.

  5. I think it looks good on you, but if you don’t feel great in it, it won’t get worn (I speak from experience here…) If the belt doesn’t work and you’re interested in a real overhaul to get it more wearable, and you have some fabric left, maybe cut it in half and add in a waistband? (Like this dress from Boden that I’ve been wanting to knock off: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Womens-Dresses/Above-Knee-Dresses/WH497/Womens-Jersey-Shirt-Dress.html?NavGroupID=4) It’d be a shame to not wear something that is finished so nicely!
    Also, I don’t have pierced ears either! And I thought I was the only 30-something woman out there who didn’t :)

  6. That is a super cute dress, and this pattern would be a perfect base for knocking it off. My Gram didn’t have pierced ears, and I guess it’s always been my “I want to be like you” tribute to her (and I hate needles).


  7. I’m glad that you’ve come around to the dress with a different belt. I feel like it’s just different enough from your skin tone to work, and I don’t see the bulk. But yeah, I’ve learned to step awwwaaaaay from the shapeless sack, no matter how chic it looks on the model. Does not work for me.

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