The t-shirt project: Styling a cowl? and a giveaway

One more entry to go until the end of The T-shirt Project!


I’m currently in love with Onion 5039.  The cowl on this pattern is just beautiful–it drapes perfectly, and it’s not too low cut which is swell.  You get the option of a longer tunic length or a normal top length, and the sleeves have a gathered sleeve cap with a 3/4 length with some fullness gathered with elastic at the hem or with the same fullness gathered into a fitted gauntlet type cuff.

Hating sleeve cap gathering with a passion, I copied the sleeve cap from Onion 5032, and sure enough the drafting is identical between the two so you can swap design elements between patterns (I love that Euro patterns are like this.  Silhouette Patterns allow you to do this, but they are not for my body type, but seriously big 4–why can’t we do this with your patterns?).

I tried the gauntlet sleeve with this drapey rayon knit from Stone Mountain and Daughter, and while I like it, I think the detail gets a little lost in this pattern.


When I tried the pattern again in this cotton knit also from Stone Mountain and Daughter, I tried on the cuff before I sewed it and decided that I liked the casual feel of the 3/4 sleeve ungathered at the hem (I also hate elasticated hems–it’s a Princess and the Pea complex I have).

Anyway you slice it, I can’t get over the cowl on this top.  It’s just perfect.  I’m not wholly familiar with cowls, but if I had to pick one forever, it might just be this one.  But my question readers is how do you style a cowl?  I am a habitual necklace wearer (no pierced ears) year-round, and a scarf wearer when it’s cold, but both of these options seem difficult with a cowl.  Might I need to find some cool pins?

So it’s your turn.  I’m giving away a fresh, sealed copy of Onion 5039 to a random winner.  You have until Sunday Feb 17th at midnight to enter.  To enter, leave a comment telling me how to style a cowl.  As always, make sure you comment on this post to enter yourself.

My full review is here.

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22 thoughts on “The t-shirt project: Styling a cowl? and a giveaway

  1. Very pretty t-shirts and love the cowl as well. You can still wear necklaces they just need to be shorter, that is how I style my cowls,

  2. I am loving huge drapey cowls in knits, particularly really soft and flowly rayon jerseys. I love cowls of all sorts (even crocheted versions!) and personally, I don’t style them a lot. I prefer hair up with a cowl, I feel it balances the whole body shape well, with larger earrings. There is a fun pattern you might like from that is a free pattern for a fun sleeveless cowl neck with a rib knit large waist band you should check out too, a bit different, but fun to make.

  3. Very pretty! love cowls and mine tend to be higher neckline so cant wear necklaces with them so far. But yours seemed perfect for delicate short necklaces. :) definitely not chunky types nor long ones. Sometimes i wear a brooch on the side of the cowl in place of a necklace.

  4. The cowl can be worn nicely as is; or with a draped cardi; or with a shrug; or with a vest in a contrasting colour, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve.

  5. It looks like you could wear a more choker-length necklace with that particular cowl, no problem! I wore a cowl-necked tee yesterday (The Sewaholic Renfrew), and while mine is too high to do a necklace, I wore a jacket with a mandarin collar with it, and just stuffed the collar under the cowl. It worked pretty well for some winter layering.

  6. I like the look of a brooch on a cowl on others but I wouldn’t wear it like that most likely (I don’t have many brooches) but I wear a short necklace or nothing at all.. cowls really impress people I find.

  7. Oooh, I see I didn’t miss the deadline for the giveaway.
    I’ve never sewn an Onion pattern, nor even heard much about them. Both your tops are really elegant.
    No advice on styling. I can hardly stand to wear necklaces. Actually, I think cowls are complete in themselves.

  8. With a low cut cowl like that, I often will wear a necklace. I’m sure conventional wisdom is that it’s too “busy,” but to me it’s all about the proportions: The necklace needs to be pretty much exactly halfway between your collarbone and the cowl. Higher, and it looks chokey. Lower, and it really *is* competing too much with the cowl.

    These look great on you! I always interchange the sleeves on Burdas. Love that.

  9. Fabric looks great.Especially this color suits you.I always go for online shopping because of my busy schedule.Where i get discounts using coupon codes.But when i see the people like its so inspiring for me.

  10. I also love cowls. I either wear a little pendant on a chain (like your heart) – I have a couple of amber ones, or a very long necklace worn under the collar and coming out at the bottom, though since you have kids this may not be too practical. I had some necklaces i was going to shorten but found they worked great with the cowls.

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