White House/Black Market cowl, version 2.0

It’s remarkable when you have a TNT how the edges of it just get etched in your brain.  As I said, I suspected that the Ottobre might be smaller than my Jalie TNT base tee even with my maternity alteration.

Sure enough, it’s smaller than my Jalie along the entire side seam–minimally so at the base of the armscye, a solid inch at the waist, and maybe 1/8″ at the hips.  This feels like a really slim-fitting pattern–the knit tops that I’ve made from Ottobre before seemed much less fitted, and 34 in Ottobre bottom patterns are always a little loose.  The modeled photo doesn’t look particularly fitted, but then her arm is kind of in the way.  If you make this pattern, know that you might have to go up a size.  The neck and shoulder sizing is consistent with their other patterns–for me that means I graded down to a 32.

For version 2.0 which I made in a less stretchy cotton/poly blend from Harts Fabric, I literally superimposed the Otto over the Jalie on the front and the back (the back was also smaller on the Otto) and used the Jalie on the side seams and the Otto everywhere else.  I did add an inch at CF for my bump which isn’t much of a bump at this point–I think I’ve had more bump non-pregnant before.  But I want this top to get me through the summer, and I’ll probably need some more length at CF before the end of that.  This top fits much more comfortably than the last, and it’s still keeping me cool which is so so needed.  If it’s close to 100 in June, what are we in for the next two months?  I hate the heat.

And sadly, I have to wear this one with a cami as well because of the sheer factor.  I look forward to these sheer knits going out of fashion.  I’d rather not wear a cami, and I’m certainly not going to line a knit top.  But for now, I’m not going to pass on knits in pretty colors like this one that are otherwise good quality even if they’re sheer.  I hate too that camis throw off the fit of a garment–both versions of this top drape and flow better without that second layer.  And it actually looks tight across the bust which couldn’t be further from the truth (of course cotton knits for all of their breathability drape like wads of paper).  I think I’m going to have to start fitting with the dumb things on in the muslin stage if it turns out that my knit is indeed a little sheer.  Urggh.

Is anyone else ready for sheer knits to bite the fashion dust?

My full review including both versions of this pattern is here.


6 thoughts on “White House/Black Market cowl, version 2.0

  1. I’ll be so glad when those tissue thin knits stop being the norm!! It’s getting so hard to get quality knits, especially online.

  2. Interesting I’m not seeing much of the sheer knits here in Australia, maybe we missed out 🙂 Cute top but having to wear a cami underneath would just make me hotter.

  3. I really dislike the tissue thin knits – particularly when I’ve purchased them online without realizing they were that sheer. The clingy factor is also unpleasant.
    However, the cowl sleeveless is so pretty – that icy blue is one of my favorites. Hopefully you be able to wear it post-bump, too.

  4. Great job with the knock off! I really like this style. I’m totally with you about the sheer knits – there’s nothing worse than realizing you have to wear a cami under the cute shirt you just made! I mean, I have thin RTW knit shirts that aren’t see through, where can I get that fabric?

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