More MMM and something new in another post for today

So we’re now halfway through MMM ’12, and that’s way further than I thought I’d make it.  I was too scrambled in my head yesterday to post what with my husband coming back after a week in LA for work.  Noah took the picture for yesterday–it was clearer than my picture, and I love the wonkiness of it, and how he captured his brother in his natural, one-socked state.  So yesterday I wore:

Shibori dyed zipper jeans

Heathered coral pearl snap henley

big thrifted wool scarf: while it was 80 degrees outside, it was very cold in the sewing room where I decided to do some mindless sewing in the way of a few grocery bags I made up from some thrifted fabric.  I have enough that I regularly use for one store, but not two, and I never grocery shop at just one store on a given grocery day because it’s inefficient.  I’ve put off making more because Burdastyle’s Charlie bag is kind of a cloth-hog as the handle is integrated.

That said, it’s super fast and rather roomy.  My local ARC has lots of random lengths of home dec fabrics, so I picked some up for next to nothing on 50% off Saturdays.  And let’s face it, cloth is cuter than plastic any day.

Today is all about:

Boden Twist top knockoff

Burdastyle 3-2011-131 linen shorts

The something new I think really needs to be its own post, not because of length but because of importance, so there’s another post coming today.

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One thought on “More MMM and something new in another post for today

  1. Your projects are always lovely, and you work fast woman! It takes me days if not weeks to finish one thing and I do sit in front of my machine everyday. Although my problem is, i have the laptop next to the sewing machine (both on) and guess what I’m doing? lol. but on my defense, i am trying to figure out how to use my picot foot here :(

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