MMM catch-up

I’ve still been taking pictures for MMM, but my jeans have taken over as they always do when I’m making a pair.  I can’t see much beyond topstitching, but I’m okay with that.  I thought I’d do a quick catch-up post since the jeans post is too long for any MMM business.

Day 11:

I was feeling pretty tired and it was cold and drizzly.  We cooked all day and dropped off books at the library at the car drop.

  1. The muslin of my ponte pants in periwinkle lightweight double knit–they’d actually be more wearable than the actual pants were they not periwinkle.  Perfect for the house and dropping books off at the library car drop.
  2. Jalie 2921 in stretch lace minus the scarf collar plus a lining.
  3. surprise face apparently

Day 12:

Still cold and drizzly.  I happily wrapped myself in an enormous sweater.

  1. Burdastyle 1-2011-126 lounging sweater
  2. Burdastyle 12-2009-120 heathered coral henley (I love this top) with pearl snaps
  3. BWOF 8-2008-122 skinny jeans

Day 13:

Happy Mother’s Day!  Had brunch with just my Mom and the kids (Dad’s working and hubby is out of town) which was kind of sweet.  We had quiche and fruit and my favorite almond cake from here.  Proud baker that I am, there’s not too many bakeries I’ll admit who can bake a better cake than me, but this one is beautifully textured with a delicate almond flavor.  I keep looking for recipes…and the reason why sometimes the self-timer takes blurry inside photos even with the same lighting conditions as day 11.  I’m starting to take the bad photos less personally, so that’s good.

1.  Jalie 2921 as a v-neck with added flowers

2.  Striped Piped skirt (Burdastyle 5-2010-130)

3.  Banana Republic kelly green sweater jacket, given to me by a much taller friend.  She’s 5’8″, and it’s a “cropped” jacket on her.  On me, it’s the right length everywhere.  It’s big literally everywhere else which makes me sad because it’s such a happy color and a great style otherwise.  I’d really like to take this one to a tailor.

4.  vintage French silk scarf I picked up at the thrift store yesterday for $2.  $2, silk, French…3 things that should always be together.

Watch out for jeans, people.  They are coming your way.  I have hems and hardware to add and they’ll be done!


One thought on “MMM catch-up

  1. As always, the clothes look great – and very cheerful. I especially love the lace top… and I own that pattern now, so am always looking for inspiration 😉

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