MMM ’12 day 8

It’s funny to me how MMM is getting me to think more about combinations in my closet.  It’s been a while since I’ve made orphaned garments, but still, it’s awesome to be able to go and put things together and have them work together.  It’s still a little cool, but wonderful in the sun today.  We went to the park with friends and the boys played in the backyard while I started putting dinner together (chicken tikkas, fresh naan, and some kind of salad I haven’t decided on yet).  It was a perfect day for this poplin jacket and jeans.

1.  Designer Pastiche Jeans (Jalie 2908)

2.  Fall poplin jacket (BWOF 2-2007-104)

3.  Jalie 2921 in Milly rayon jersey

The only bummer about this outfit is that the jacket is definitely too big on me now.  I cut it at a 34 in the shoulders before my realization that I am actually a 32 in the neck and shoulders.  It’s a raglan sleeve, so it’s perhaps not as obvious as it would be in a cut-on sleeve, but it’s definitely poofing in a way I’m not super excited about.  But I’ll keep wearing it because I love the color and it goes with so many things.

I’m itching to make a knit dress.  I have a couple of different choices in my stash that are all siren-calling to me.  Still, I have some shorts to finish, hopefully to be ready for the train museum on Thursday (it’s supposed to be like 80), my T-shirt project #2 knockoff to write about, and jeans to cut out of my mystery denim.  No rest for the wicked I suppose.

4 thoughts on “MMM ’12 day 8

  1. 3 MMM pieces in 1 day??? You kill me. I keep reminding myself that I have a work uniform- it’s not shameful if I don’t take it off after work- I’ll make up for it on the weekends!

  2. Cute combination, and I think once your arms are down the poofiness won’t be as obvious…..I would not have noticed had you not mentioned it!!

  3. I think I made this jacket and stupidly gave it to my mom. I LOVE yours. I love red and blue and all the details in the top stitching are outstanding.

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