Me Made May ’12, day 2

We did get a tripod last night.  It’s pretty easy to use, and I’m getting faster at resetting the silly self-timer.  Apparently a remote is not made for my camera.  ;(  I only came up with one usable shot even if I cut my head off slightly, and it’s better than yesterday’s.  Maybe I’ll get some energy to figure out making a montage of all of my wardrobe basics outfits.

1.   Ottobre 5-2007-2 + waist casing and tie – waist and back darts

2.  Vogue 8663

3.  red white glass bead opera length necklace, received as a bday present in 2008

4.  Cole Haan blue animal print flats, $6, thrifted, found miraculously in mint condition…miraculously until I started wearing them about.  Holy cats, these nip at my heels.  How is it even possible for flats to be uncomfortable?

MMM is not going to take up all of my blogging time this month.  It’s a good exercise for me–especially with the getting used to the camera (I’m so not a techie, and I rely way too much I think sometimes on my programmer husband).  I’ve got a skirt and some shorts in the works plus a new pair of jeans I’m going to enter into PR’s Best Of contest that I’m really, really excited about getting started on.

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3 thoughts on “Me Made May ’12, day 2

  1. Your styling is lovely.
    I’m also going to ease off the MMM12 blogging and have a Best of contest entry in the pipeline – Jalie jeans. Have you chosen your entry yet? It took me a while to choose 1 pattern to work on:-)

  2. Hi, here’s a secret about those shoes nipping at your heels – I put a gel heel pad in the shoe under the heel. Apparently, some shoes are made taller at the heel back, or my heels are shorter, but the bit of added height solves the problem!

    Cute outfit, and nice photo!

  3. Love how you have put this outfit together. Pity about the remote not being workable, I know mine was a generic one.

    I’m also entering in the Best of Contest, not as adventerous as you and velower with your jeans though.

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