MMM12 day 1

I’m late to the Me Made May party, but I’m in.  I hate my self timer, and I think that this is a good challenge for me to get comfortable using it.  The reality is that I don’t always have my husband handy to take pictures of me.  While I probably need to invest in a proper tripod (a camera that I didn’t have to reset after every self-timer shot would be nice too, but we all can dream right?), just getting used to taking pictures of myself is not a bad exercise.  Shoot, and I’m vaguely curious how it is that I wear my clothes on a monthly basis.  I have enough handmade garments that I rarely wear RTW anything except for underthings, camis, and workout gear.  So here we go:

I, Elizabeth of  sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2012.  I want to document this daily if for no other reason than to make peace with my self-timer who has been a long enemy.

With that in mind, here’s day 1.  Yes, a tripod is probably better than haphazardly propping up the camera on a table, hoping for the best…but hey, there’s room for improvement right?  Does anyone with a Kodak Easy Share DX7590 know if there’s a way to keep the self timer on instead of having to turn it on for every. single. shot?

1.  Milly jersey Jalie 2921

2.  striped piped pencil skirt

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2 thoughts on “MMM12 day 1

  1. Love the colour combination for MMM Day 1.

    Even though DH is around for taking photos, he is hopeless. so I purchased a tripod and a wireless digital remote, which connects to my camera and then I have a small button in my hand and just press it, the camera takes the photos and you don’t have to keep running back and forth. I’m pretty sure I got mine from e-bay.

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