Wardrobe Basics Sew Along

Katie of Kadiddlehopper has inspired me to join the Wardrobe Basics Sew Along going on at Girls in the Garden.  It was inspired by this really good segment on the Nate Berkus show on 12 Winter Wardrobe Basics.  On the show they combine them into 30 days of looks, but 12 tone serialism lover/music theory nerd in me knows that they can be combined into a whole lot more than that.

While I try to not sew orphan garments, the fact is, that they just happen.  You find some random really cool knit and you sew it up and realize that it matches with nothing.  Nothing.  Remember this jacket

that I spent so much time on?  It’s gotten not near the use it deserves.  It does not play well with dresses, my covered snaps kept popping open, and it’s generally kind of big on me (At the time silly me thought that using a 36 in the neck and shoulders wasn’t an issue–no wonder I had so many fit problems!).  It’s only been very recently that I’ve realized I could fix the snaps and pair it with a slim fitting long sleeved undershirt and jeans.  I want to avoid having really nice garments like this one hanging around for no reason in the future (it’s so sad–I love this jacket!), so the idea of a basics sew along was pretty appealing.  The fact that there’s no timeline per se fits makes this a lot less pressure than a lot of sewalongs out there, and I can sew most of it from stash too!

I think when I started sewing I avoided sewing staples because they’re [*snore*] boring, and I’m sewing because I don’t want to do boring among other reasons.  I know now that I can make staples like these jeans

as interesting as I want to, and the more I think about combining things together, the more sense it makes.  I have limited time to dress while running after 2 kids…why not make it easy by giving myself some options?  I’ve tried the wardrobe concept before when I was pregnant with Sam,

but 5 garments doesn’t give you as many combining options as 9.  The long and short of it is that I’m in for this sew along, and I’m looking forward to reading others’ progress too!


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