Unlikely sources

I’ve been looking to make a nice pair of pajamas for forever (I think it’s been on my sewing goals for 2 years), but I could never find the right fabric and I was pretty discouraged after the disaster that was the HotPatterns pajamas of doom (which despite the awful fit I find myself wearing because I still love the fabric).  I’ve gotten to the point that I could not keep shoving this project down on the queue anymore.  I’ve lost enough weight now that all of my bottoms are too loose, and the reality is that I’ve been wearing the same mismatched pajamas since at least college through prepregnancy and all the way through 40 weeks twice.  No garment should be wearable at 40 weeks and in a non-pregnant state.  That’s just crazy.

Enter my mother-in-law who kindly bought me 2.5 yards of rayon challis for Christmas.  Why hadn’t I thought of rayon challis before?  It has a nice drape, it’s lightweight, and it keeps me cool which is exactly what I want in pajamas.  Ah, but what pattern?  Call me dotty, but I didn’t really want to spend money on a pajama pattern.  They’re not terribly innovative.  For example, other than how you put the pants on and a few decorative elements, there’s not much technically different between this 1930s pattern

1930s Pajamas Pattern Simplicity 2509 Bust 42

and this modern day Simplicity:

It’s a collared shirt with some pull on bottoms.  Given my Burda stash, I knew the collared shirt would be easy to find, but I had to do a little digging to get to the elastic waist pants.  This is yet another case of why technical drawings are so helpful.

Take out the weird ankle ruching and the top that’s fused to into this hot mess of a jumpsuit, and you get a basic elastic waist pattern (Burdastyle 5-2010-119).

My Dad has always maintained that the way that you beat Bobby Fisher is to not play chess.  So how do you make a nasty jumpsuit fashionable?  Don’t wear it like a jumpsuit.  I cut a straight 34, did a flat seat adjustment and cut the back inseam 2 sizes smaller and they fit great.  I put on some back pockets as an afterthought, so they’re definitely too small, but they still help distinguish the back from the front.

For the top, I really liked Ottobre 5-2007-2–a collared shirt with some shirred ties on the sleeves.  I experimented on this one, grading down the neck and shoulder and sleeve to a 32 and swinging out to a 34 at the bottom of the armscye.  After a petite adjustment in the armscye/sleeve and lowering the bust dart (even after nursing 2 kids, this dart just looks really really high–is that typical for Otto?), it fits perfectly.  I guess for my next Burda, I’ll see how those sizes play out.

As for being on the tail end of this cold, I’m foregoing the gown in favor of the pajamas and watching the formidable Anna Netrebko as Anna Bolena on the DVR.

My review of the shirt is here,

and my review of the pants is here.

7 thoughts on “Unlikely sources

  1. they look so comfy!! I still haven’t used that HotPatterns yet…hmmmm!! One day I will actually sew something for me, and I’ll be thinking of you the whole time 🙂 Great job on these!

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