Unconventional fitting techniques

What do you do when you have a wool jersey top that’s too big?  Get sick and have a loving husband accidentally throw it into the wash because you’re too out of it to tell him otherwise.



My sewy friend Linda helped me put in shoulder pleats to bring in the shoulder on this Burda top.  I’m really sad I didn’t get a picture of it before it got thrown into the wash because it definitely was an improvement from the original fit, and the wool was so pretty.  Now it is fitted well, but sadly the original texture of the wool was a bit compromised.  Also, that awesome felty feel and resulting lengthwise shrinkage makes it totally necessary to wear an undershirt to avoid exposure and cut down on skin irritation–something that wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it wasn’t so fitted.  Since this is not the first time (and hey, I’ve shrunk plenty of sweaters myself) that the laundry ate my wool, we’re going to have to put up a bag for items that need special care in our closet.

The upside of the shrunken state of the sweater is that you can see the cute details of my jeans.  Theoretically with the length issue, a skirt is probably a better pairing for it, but the only one that I can think of that would work is grey.

Readers, how do you avoid laundry disasters?

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7 thoughts on “Unconventional fitting techniques

  1. Wash fabric FIRST in HOT water and dry in a HOT dryer……just incase you make that fatal error later on…….I would ratehr it happen prior to making the garmet than AFTER!! Also, almost all of my clothing is wash and wear. Have a freat washer and dryer Fisher & Paykel, and thus far I have washed everything I wanted in there and not had disasters (yes, including a wool sweater).

  2. LOL, that’s for ME!! I’m guilty!! I just grab, and sometimes the wrong thing in the bunch, and then BINGO, a females sweater small enough to fit my SON!! Havn’t convinced him to wear my snafoos yet, so have to be careful. Wash things in the washer, lovely results!!!!!! (Better than trying to get my son to wear girls clothes) :~))

  3. Oh dear, so sorry about the laundry disaster! I live alone, so if something happens in the wash I have only myself to blame. It is my practice to wash everything in cold and hang dry just about every item of clothing except underwear. Only sheets and towels go in the dryer.

  4. I’ve thankfully had very few laundry disasters. I am crediting this to the fact that I try NOT to do laundry too often! HA!! The plus side of this is that I have to go through and sort about TEN loads a week, so nothing gets “accidently” thrown in with something else. The down side of this is that I have TEN loads of laundry to wash, fold, and PUT AWAY at once…GAH!! Speaking of which….got some loads to transfer….have a good week!

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