Geeking out foodie style

What with waiting for baby (13 days left, theoretically) and our house (right now our closing date is set for my due date–tee hee), I can’t say I have a lot of extra motivation to start any projects.  Mostly, I’m just trying to keep busy with housework, cooking, and chasing after Noah.  It occurred to me that I should read more though as I’ve mostly been driving myself crazy looking for furniture on Craigslist.

I’ve been plowing through more than my usual quota of cookbooks, but this one I’ve been savoring:


I dearly dearly love good examples of food writing.  Don’t just give me a pile of recipes named after your Grandma without some introduction to the beloved woman!  Food is an expression of our lives, and I want to read about other people’s lives in food.  Molly O’Neill took on the task of collecting recipes from home cooks around the country for the past decade!  She does more than simply catalog recipes–she tells us who these people are.  This book is huge (nearly 1000 pages), and I’m grateful that she had an editor who allowed it to be so.  It’s good food too, just the usual home cook cookbooks full of mother-in-law recipes that are missing that one special thing, the absence of which will render the dish so-so or perhaps inedible.  That I get to read about so many people like me who derive so much joy out of cooking for others is bonus!  Am I taking this heavier-than-a-cast-iron-skillet book with me to the hospital?  You bet your biscuits!

My husband, continued this theme by coming up with the neatest birthday present ever.  Several years ago, I viciously, recklessly and savagely went through all of my issues of Gourmet up to 2004 and cut out the recipes that I thought looked the most promising and tossed the rest.  Nathan, knowing that I needed some quality reading material as well as some fresh inspiration took it upon himself to right the wrong I inflicted upon myself in the form of 60 pounds worth of back issues of Gourmet ranging from 1980 to 1996. 

I’m ITCHING to get cooking in our new house, and I dare say I will be more than occupied with new things.  If a girl has to turn 30 within days of giving birth, I dare say that a little dose of such husbandly romanticism will take away the sting every time.

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4 thoughts on “Geeking out foodie style

  1. I think we are commenting on each others blogs at the same time. :) Yes, there is an adapter for larger size snaps, and a separate setter for smaller (14, 15) size snaps. Sew Baby carries them all.

  2. Wow, Nathan did good! What a fun gift! Can’t wait to meet little baby, I’ll be head of the phone chain so call me first! (please ;) )

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