2010 review and 2011 goals

Ooh–slideshow.  Someone dim the lights.  There’s a bit of ugly in 2010 garment-wise, but, hey, it’s part of what happened, and it’s worthy to note for that reason.

2010 Projects, posted with vodpod

Whew, I got a lot done this past year as far as sewing went.  Overall, I’m really proud of my progress in this crazy game of sewing my own garments, and I’ve successfully negotiated finding time to sew while taking care of a very busy, extremely curious toddler.  Here’s a rundown of my goals for 2010:

  1. Sew a cute sporty jacket: check
  2. Tackle a Vogue pattern: why did these intimidate me so much a year ago?  I made multiple Vogues.  I even made 1027 twice (what a great pattern!).
  3. Learn more about knits and apply that learning: I’ve sewn so many knits, and I’m way comfortable with them now.
  4. Learn to make welt pockets: not so much.
  5. Make more wearable garments: with a few exceptions, I’m okay with what I’m churning out these days.  A friend commented that it was getting harder to tell what I’ve made vs. what I’ve bought–that’s probably a good lithmus test.
  6. Learn to fit pants: Does it count that I’ve THOUGHT about it a lot?
  7. Enter a sewing contest:  It turns out I did 3–Mini Wardrobe, Lined Jacket, and Endless Combinations.  I found it was good for me to do so and helped me up my game and keep my goals on track.  Plus, I had a lot of fun.  Yay contests!
  8. Make a fashionable bag: My Mom rescued me and bought me a gorgeous Cole Haan aqua wristlet for my birthday.  It’s way more my style than anything I’d sew (and I learned that it was easier to buy a bag than source the materials I wanted to use in a bag I’d actually love).
  9. Sew a button-down shirt for me: I made 2.  One whose style I love, and one that I love love love love love.  Again, I’m not sure why this was such an intimidating goal for me a year ago.
  10. Sew a winter coat: I would have, but I was not going to sacrifice my teal double-faced wool to pregnancy.

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2011:

  • Sew some post-partum wear that is me:  I wore a lot of icky ill-fitting t-shirts after I had Noah (that made me feel horrid), mostly because my skills were “emerging” and not ready for the challenge of a wacky changing body.  I’ve seen myself through that change, my skills are much improved, so I’m ready for whatever sizes are coming my way in 3 months.  Oh, and I know that I am a lucky one who can wear a decent, actually supportive bra whilst nursing.
  • Make a shirt dress:  I’m comfortable with shirt construction now, and I love this style. 
  • Learn to fit pants: Just starting this journey, I know I will be frustrated, but I know the end result will be worth it.
  • Sew more with wovens:  Knits are my brainless go-tos when it comes to sewing.  I know how to make them fit my body, and I love how quickly they come together.  I want to get this comfortable with wovens, which is perhaps a tall order given my currently and upcoming wackily changing body.
  • Make a winter coat: with the subset goals of welt pockets and bound buttonholes as from last year.  That teal double-faced wool in my stash isn’t getting any younger!
  • Figure out what colors look good on me and sew with fabrics in those:  I picked up this book from the library, and I’m utterly confused about my coloring (well I am anyway).  I started sewing in part because I can rarely find colors that are “me”, but apparently, I have a hard time figuring out what those colors are (except aqua–my BFF always).
  • Do a better job than last year:  This was my only goal I had for myself when I was teaching.  Being an extremely goal-oriented person but not a natural teacher, I figured this was a low-pressure goal for me.  A friend recently told me it was kind of a high bar–who knows?  It feels low pressure to me.  In essence, I want to keep learning and growing in my sewing, but whatever specific lessons I’m going to learn will present themselves as they come, so my goal is not to try and control every detail of said learning because I’ve found I learn a lot more when I don’t.  Oy, it’s so hard to explain your own mind! 
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4 thoughts on “2010 review and 2011 goals

  1. I’m with you on some of you resolutions. Last year I realized I want to sew more wovens. I’m in the middle of a winter coat and I HAVE to make a shirt dress. It’s so funny. I love shirt and trench dresses but I never make them :)

    Welt pockets are honestly not bad. I’ve done them twice now and will not avoid them in the future. I should try some other kinds though :)

  2. Girlfriend, loved the slideshow. You’ve got style and skills, and that’s all I have to say! Way to go!

  3. Yes, you sewed up a storm, and no let up for pregnancy. Your maternity wear doesn’t say “maternity wear” – it just looks good. And the aqua colour does suit your colouring a lot, but I LOVE the brown wrap dress. In fact, you are blonde but not pallid, so at your age most colours suit you IMO.

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