When I went to go find something to wear for church this morning, I thought I’d pop on version 2 of my Vogue 1027 that I made in the spring.  Guess what people–it not only still fits, it’s way comfy, and now that I think about it, it’s a perfect maternity dress (no, I still haven’t hemmed it)!

The skirt is basically a circle skirt, so there’s plenty of extra room in front.  The waist seam really is an empire seam, but it’s not as apparent as the typical underbust empire seam because the ties are cleverly sewn into the waist seam.  The bonus of that for the pregnant lady is that while the waist seam is way above the tummy, that little tie gives some waist definition, so you get to look like a lady, not just a lumpy barrel that it feels like you become whilst pregnant!  I was just thinking yesterday how I’m so over gathers and voluminous maternity everything and I just want to look like my normal self.  I guess I found a good solution smiling at me in my closet this morning!

5 thoughts on “Versatility

  1. Yay!! I was wondering if this one would work for maternity! It looks great! I was surprised at how many things already sewn are working really well – even right up to now (36 week) when I’m enormous.

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