Mommy sewing and a very simple tutorial

Sorry for the rather cheesy post title, but I didn’t want “Breastfeeding Lifesavers” to be the first thing that popped up in people’s Google reader. 

Seriously though, in a wave of genius, I made myself a wrap to wear while nursing in public towards the end of my pregnancy, and I don’t know what I’d do without it.  It’s kept things G-rated, been a blanket for Noah, a play mat when he was really little, a wipe for all of that spit up at the beginning, and occasionally when I’ve been desperate, a changing pad.  I more or less followed this tutorial, but instead of doing yards of hemming and pressing, I made mine reversible.  One side is a lightweight printed jersey and the other is a really finely woven cotton.  I have a couple of friends who are pregnant (one due imminently), and I wanted to give them something super useful.

For this one I serged rectangles of leftover jersey for one side and used quilting fabric for the other.

This one I made out of a cotton dobby and quilting fabric on the reverse side because it’s for a dear friend in Houston, and I wanted something that would not get too hot for her or the baby in the summer.

As for the tutorial, the other thing that super saved my life at the beginning of nursing with Noah were these pads to put in your bra to help absorb the extra milk that leaks until your body adjusts to your baby and to the whole business of nursing.  The flannel is soft against sore tender skin, and the layer of iron-on vinyl helps hinder leaking through your clothes.

Nursing Pads Tutorial

Supplies for 3 pair (that way a pair can always be in the wash):

Cotton flannel scraps–4″X48″ or the equivalent of that

Cotton batting (today I used polar fleece because I forgot I had cotton batting scraps)–4″X24″ or the equivalent

4″X24″ of iron-on vinyl

a 4″ diameter circle template (I used one of Noah’s toys because I didn’t have my circle rotary cutter handy)

a marking pen

Trace around your template onto the various materials and cut out 12 circles of flannel, and 6 each of the iron-on-vinyl and batting.

On 6 of the flannel circles, remove the backing from the vinyl and iron it on with the iron on the flannel side.

Place a circle of batting on top of the vinyl and put a plain circle of flannel on top of that.  Use a zigzag stitch to hold everything together or serge around the edges.  Tada!

3 thoughts on “Mommy sewing and a very simple tutorial

  1. This is great! Do you have any photos of what the coverup looks like on, or just the whole thing? It’s hard for me to visualize just from seeing pieces, and I definitely need to make some pronto…

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing that tutorial- I love the wrap. I didn’t sew back when I had my daughter and I spent the big bucks on a “Hooter Hider”….! This would be a great present for someone! I like the reversible aspect!

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