My Background Dress

Yay!  I’m back from the icky cold.  Noah’s still a bit under the weather, but he’s doing his best to sleep it off.  On to the post…

I have lots of accessories…more than I think I do.  Scarves, necklaces, a couple of pins, and a few handmade fabric flowers…really a lot more than I realize.  I like to wear things that make these stand out because I love them so, but usually this means I’m trying to make jeans and a hoodie look less shlumpy.

So when I read about the Background Dress at Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, I was intrigued by the idea of a dress as a backdrop for accessories and I immediately wanted to try my hand at it.  This dress sparked some lively conversation over there as to what can pass as a neutral color.  I boldly stated that the only “traditional” neutral color I’d touch is navy, and if I could choose my own favorite “neutral,” it’d probably be some shade of aqua given how much I love it and find myself tractor-beamed towards it.  I was even more in agreement with Cindy, who claimed people are drawn to either blue based neutrals (yup–that’s me ) or brown, but not both.  Imagine my surprise when this lovely brown jersey popped into my cart and said, “Please make me into your background dress.  I’ll look so lovely with everything you own and especially that pretty pink striped jacket you’re making.”  Perhaps I was delusional, or maybe this was truly a siren call, but I now find myself the proud owner of a brown dress.

I’ve worn this dress I think 4 days in a row now and it’s looked different every day based on what I’ve paired it with.  It’s totally swell.  Like a good pair of jeans but girlier. 

Set 1

1.  Vintage Vera scarf and flower pin
2.  Vintage polka dotted scarf, pearls, and sunglasses
3.  Teal scarf and vintage flower brooch

Set 2

1.  Pink plaid wedges and purple necklace
2.  Made from vintage necklace from Etsy and my trusty wool pumps
3.  Teal beads necklace and navy corduroy jacket

Set 3

1.  My favorite accessory
2.  Yes, I play accordion.  It’s fun, okay?
3.  The spectacles and my opera beads

 I’m sure I’ll find other things to do with this dress, especially given how much fun I’ve had so far.  As for what I learned, here you go:

12 thoughts on “My Background Dress

  1. oh! I love background dresses! It looks fabulous on you and really does go with everything! I want to see more of those plaid wedges! too cute!

  2. Wow! What a great dress. I don’t think I even own such a thing as a “background” dress. I’ll have to think on that. Right now I have no desire to sew at all, let alone make a dress, but maybe someday.

  3. LOVE it!!
    I’m really going to have to take the plunge and start attempting to sew knits. The fact that you can have such a stunning dress that’s also comfortable and doesn’t need to be ironed after you wash it should have sold me ages ago.

    And I myself am super jealous that you can play the accordion!

  4. I love this post, too cute! I love all of the little pictures of the pairings with your background dress. I love that I got to see it in person – it’s beautiful! One day I might place a request for one and pay you the big bucks!

  5. This is such a cute dress! And I love the “background dress” concept! Did you follow a pattern or just make it up yourself? I have never made anything for me- and probably won’t until after I deliver this baby I am pregnant with- but lately I am getting very interested in making me stuff.

  6. This is a sweet dress, I really like the picture with the scarf + sunnies, looks very old timey in an ‘I’m going to drive off in my convertible now’ way.

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