Because rug burns aren’t cool

I find myself in a rare place of being between projects.  Noah REALLY has needed something for his feet too.  His rather enthusiastic crawling/scaling of vertical surfaces leaves his socks in the dust no matter how many times I put them back on.  His little feet are then left with rug burns.  He doesn’t complain because he’d rather be mobile than anything, but I still feel bad about it all.  I’ve tried putting him in his sleepers, but his legs get all caught up in the body, and what with him wanting to walk badly, I figured it’s high time I busted out a pair of booties.

These are from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones.  No drama here–just a quick, easy, well-drafted pattern.  These things managed to entertain Noah, keep his feet protected, and stay on all day long, even here, when my Dad was trying to get a decent shot of them on a very wiggly, very tired boy.

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4 thoughts on “Because rug burns aren’t cool

  1. Hi

    I am looking for help with the cutie bootees. Did yiu have any trouble with the ankle opening being too small? Any advice?

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