Snip snip snip…snip…snip…

I’ve never showed this box before, so I will now because this one’s getting lots of use today.  It’s a vintage Samsonite makeup box that I decopauged with Moda Wonderland Snip Snip fabric in tomato and the help of my beloved Mod Podge.  Not a terribly interesting thing to write about, but it is cute and it makes me happy, but more importantly, it houses all of my cutting tools (in hopes that I won’t “misplace” my scissors–ha!). 

Anyhow, I bring up this little box because today I’m cutting out and altering no less than 3 separate patterns.  A while back while I was having tea, I came across this post and thought–this is genius!  Batch cutting projects???!!!!  This will save untold amounts of time and mental energy that it requires to cut out things.  I also might have inadvertently bitten off more than I can chew in telling a girlfriend that I’d make 3 separate maternity pieces for her (from said 3 patterns).  I’m telling myself that I’m going to learn a. lot., but we shouldn’t have waited until month 6 to start this project.  Her birthday is next week too, but I’m not going to put that kind of pressure on myself, so my goal this week is to get as much done as I possibly can.  There will be lots of scissoring…

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