Poco a poco

This was a phrase that was the motto of my Junior Bible Quiz team way back when I was 8 (I still have the t-shirt–it has my name on it…I love how Elizabeth doesn’t quite fit across it–my favorite t-shirt EVER!!!).  The idea was that little by little we’d work our way towards learning all the stuff we needed to learn for competitions.  It’s been a long time since then, but those words have always stuck with me.

I’m glad they were etched in my mind because I need them!  This week I’m going to make a button-down shirt for my Mom.  It’s her Christmas gift (she knows about it, so it’s okay for me to write about it here).  I’m not sure why I’m so scared of it, I mean,  it’s a shirt…with buttons, but  the devil, I know is in the details.  I really want to do a nice job–I mean, it’s for my Mom.  Okay, freak out aside, I’m going to do things one step at a time, and though I don’t expect it to be totally 100% perfect, I know I’m going to learn a lot from this project.

To gear up for it, I checked out this book from the library: Shirtmaking by David Page Coffin.  I need to buy my own copy.  There is so much excellent information in it, plus Mr. Coffin has some rather strong opinions that make what could otherwise be a rather dry book much more interesting.  I am excited about working with this fabric too–it’s a nice shirting cotton floral print of green, purple, and Copenhagen blue on a nice French vanilla background.    I’m taking a break this morning from sewing to go see The Tales of Hoffmann with my opera buddy, Tamara, then off to the shirtmaking!  Wish me luck.

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2 thoughts on “Poco a poco

  1. Good LUCK!! I am sure you will do a FABULOUS job!! And I can’t wait to learn your little pearls of wisdom!! Maybe I’ll be ready to tackle my own shirt!! Or at least pj shirts for my kids!! :D

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