Flashback Time

[insert flashback music here]

I changed my mind about talking about my pajamas. Sew Mama Sew is doing a Pajama Party sew-along, so here goes.


These are my pj’s I made from this fabbo vintage pattern.

The pattern has bloomers going with the short pajama top, but I really wanted to have some knee-length bottoms, so I lengthened as much as made sense to me…really it was a botchy sort of affair–but I added a lot of seam allowance in the side seams and basted them together, tried them on and pin fit things until they worked which was a good solution.

The lace was super fun to use. I ran out of the lace I used on the collar by the time I got to my little shorts, so I used a cotton blend lace I had in my stash.


Then I overdyed the whole thing after I finished construction.  The fabric is a really nice white sheet I found at the thrift store. Generally I use old sheets for muslins because they’re so cheap, have good drapability, and offer a lot of yardage for their aforementioned crazy cheap price. But here I decided a sheet was good enough for the real deal. Really when you think about it–you sleep ON sheets, so sleeping in them is not too big of a stretch. Plus that nice crisp clean sheet feeling you have after you’ve freshly laundered your sheets–yes, you can have it in your pajamas too.

Right–back to overdyeing…I liked this sheet for its weight and its pattern (which seemed to fit the design and the era of the design fairly well), but I really wanted pink pajamas.  Since I use polyester thread, I knew it wouldn’t take the dye, so I used a pink thread to compensate.  The lace I used on the top, being polyester did not take the dye which was purposeful on my part just as I knew the eyelet on the pants would take a little being a cotton blend.  Actually the eyelet took the dye only on the edges which I really liked.


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5 thoughts on “Flashback Time

  1. We had these sheets growing up too! Next time I go home, I’ll see if my Mom still has them. I would love to make a set for my daughter. This is really cute, I really like it. Girly without being uncomfortable to sleep in. And I love the eyelet at the bottoms!

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