Sock monkeying around!

These are my sock monkeys for Craft Hope.  I’ve been dragging my heels (literally–haha–I love sock monkey humor) on this project.  I’m not sure why.  I love sock monkeys.  They are just inherently funny.  At any rate, I woke up early on Sunday and made the pieces before I ate breakfast and stuffed and started sewing them together while Nathan and I watched Masterpiece Mystery (love that show!–that and Jeopardy–I do love running an opera category).

Noah enjoyed them later–but in this pic he’s looking at the fan.  Such a mesmerizing thing, fans…


I need to make him his own sock monkey sooner than later.  He was really wanting to play with them, especially after they started dancing for him.  I kept them drool free for the sake of the kids who will receive them.

The monkeys in a family lineup:


And two of the monkeys just being monkeys:


I used fabric scraps instead of the heels for the mouths–some more successfully than others.  I like the contrast but it needs to be monkeyed with a bit.  Besides that, I used the tutorial that was on Craft Hope–I like the sock monkeys from Sock and Glove better, though I think.  They’re more primatey (I’m liking these monkey inspired adjectives and verbs in this post however incorrect they might be).

2 thoughts on “Sock monkeying around!

  1. Estavaco strikes again! muahahahahahaaha. You may pay $10 USD wired to my African bank account if you ever want this posting to stop. With this simple love donation you will give me food for an entire year.

  2. These are just so cute!!! Especially that one in the middle looking at the fan!! 😀

    Again, you are an inspiration of charity!! So sweet!

    Speaking of charity….Estavaco only needs $10 for food for a YEAR!!! Maybe you can pay him with your yummy salmon salads! 😀

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