May Giveaway Day


I’m giving away this purse for Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day. It is a nice little summery bag with button decoration and patchwork lining and spiffy yellow handles I pirated off of a thrift store find. It is about 9″ tall and about 14″ at the base.

To win, leave a comment here telling me what features you would put on your ideal purse.  For me, my perfect purse is a wristlet with lots of pockets and a lot of storage in a very small amount of space.  I’ll pick a winner at random on June 1st.  You may enter up until June 1st at 8 am MST.

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83 thoughts on “May Giveaway Day

  1. How cute. Darn, I’m going to be commenter #1, the number that never wins…

    The main thing I look for is a zippered pocket and an open pocket. I just want to find my wallet and have a safe place to store small things.

  2. I also love having 2 pockets – one open, one zipped. I do NOT like more than 2 pockets – right now I have a purse I adore the style of, but there are 11 – yes ELEVEN little compartments in it. I misplace things all the time.
    I like a roomy bag that I can throw whatever I need into and go.
    I also love fun and funky colors or styles. I like my purse to be a statement accessory.

  3. You sure are smart to get your Giveaway post done early! At least I hope I’M NOT LATE ALREADY!! I have to agree with the 2 pocket theory. I mainly use pockets for my cell phone and maybe some cash or lip gloss, so the zipper or even a snap would work to keep little hands out!

  4. I love bags that have their own little zipper bags inside (for keeping a small amount of makeup in). And bags with a mobile phone holder.

  5. I would have to say that pockets are overrated!
    I need somewhere to hold my pen…scrounging around in my bag forever to find a pen is a pain! Also, of course, a mobile phone pouch. That is all that i would need.
    Oh, I am LUVING the bag by the way.

    Thanks heaps for the opp to win.


  6. “Never buy a bag that doesn’t zip!”

    Thank you for the giveaway! Please include me in the drawing.

    stitchsavesnine (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. Definitely lots of pockets for organization, although I am getting good at feeling for what I need in a big piled mess! Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful baby and warmest wishes for much happiness! I am a big fan of purses and bags, and since my kids finally no longer need sippy cups or diapers, I like purses that help me find things easily, like a pocket on the inside for keys and easy access instead of lots of buckles and such. Thank you!

  9. i love a little pocket with a zipper inside, also a loop to clip my keys on would be great :) I like bags that are out of the ordinary, with fun colors!

  10. I love to have an inside pocket to drop things like keys and gift cards in!

    Thanks, I would love this purse. Be sure to drop by my blog and enter the giveaway that I am hosting. Hope to see you there!

  11. I would add a lot of pockets on the inside… to keep everything organized. Very lovely bag! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. I like something to attach my keys to and an outside phone pocket. These are the two things i hunt around for the most in my bag!

  13. Lots of pockets, cell phone, keys, glasses, pens, you get the idea, a place for everything.

  14. Great purse….I think a purse that continually grows with all my needs would be fabulous. Is one out there? Of course then I won’t have reasons to have many purses.


  15. Love the color and design of the purse. I have to a purse that closes either with a zipper or snap. Have to have a pocket for keys and one for cell phone. A zippered pocket for small makeup items would also be a plus.

  16. So god damn cute – love those handles – my ideal bag would have a PVC lined pocket that i could put my makeup in, so if it spilt it wouldn’t ruin my bag!

  17. Well-placed pockets that are easy to get in to but stuff won’t fall out of. And a bag that’s easy to get into without having to take it off your shoulder or put it down so you can find something. Cute bag, love the handle!

  18. Yay! I love bags and purses! My ultimate bag would be a tote-style one, not too big, about an A4 sheet of paper size, with a zipper, and lots of zippered pockets and compartments inside. And it would have to have a kitty or a lizard on the front!!

  19. for me, it needs a clip that I can attach my phone and keys to – I am always rooting at bottom of bag for one or both of those !
    PS – your little boy is so cute – congrats !

  20. I like pockets to store the camera and the phone and the ipod, and the toys and the snacks – I like a clip for the keys – so they don’t get lost in the purse!

  21. My favorite purse would be sturdy, roomy enough to hold a laptop, knitting project, book or two, water bottle, and all the random stuff I can’t seem to live without, and also be light enough not to cause back or shoulder strain. :)

  22. That is such a cute bag! For me the ideal bag is a shoulder bag with a fairly short strap (fits right under my armpit) and has lots of compartments. I’m usually carrying a diaper or two, some wipes, some cheerios as well as my stuff!

  23. Really really cute!

    For me, in a purse, it is not so important the features as the design or the color combination. Right now, the perfect purse would have buttons, warm colors (preferably orange), either dots or stripes, and maybe an some kind of embroidery detail…

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  24. My ideal purse is a shoulder bag with lots of interior pockets, one especially sized for my cell phone, and preferably a little ribbon clip sewn into the side for keys… Those two things often get lost around her.
    But you know, variety is the spice of life, and I like lots of variety in my purse stash. :)
    Thank you for the offer!

  25. My ideal purse has straps long enough that I can put it under my shoulder, but short enough that I can also tuck it under my arm so it doesn’t fall off! Hard to find…

  26. I have two ideal bags (is that allowed?) one for when I go out with my daughter – it would need to be big so I could fit all her things in there, but it would also need a small zippered pouch so I could keep my purse, phone and keys in there.

    The second bag would be tiny tiny for when I go out on my own. Just enough space for purse, phone and keys.

    Thank you for the chance to enter this lovely giveaway.

  27. That is just the perfect summer purse, I love it!
    My ideal bag would have an outside pocket for my keys, and at least 4 separate inside pockets for my cell phone , hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.

  28. I need room for me to carry the sock I am currently knitting, and something to hang /put my keyring on so I don’t lose it in the purse

  29. Great bag! I know what you mean about lots of pockets. For me it’s become essential to have a loop inside to attach my keys. Otherwise I’m always losing them!

  30. I like a purse that can sit up on it’s own (a firm bottom), longish straps (to go on my shoulder) and a magnet clasp. It’s a bonus if there’s a place to clip my keys!

  31. What a cute purse! I like lots of cubby holes in a purse so I can stash things.

    Thank you for entering me in your drawing!

  32. Great bag, E!!!
    I like fun little accessories on purses – I have a purse that has gold thread in the fabric and I like how it sparkles at me when it catches the light. It also has a really fun zipper dangly-thingy.

    I love the buttons on this purse and the fun flower handle!
    ~Lisa :)

  33. Cute bag! I love having a zipper compartment and a pocket for my phone. Now if I could only have a magic fairy stay in the purse and keep it neat and clean, life would be good!

  34. WOW! – What a great giveaway – Thanks! I think I’m a bag addict – just plain bags or ones with pockets – I love them all…

  35. My perfect purse would be BIG and LOTS of pockets on the inside – long straps – and snap or magnetic closure. My current purse has zipper closure and hard to get in and out of. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  36. Thank you for the chance to win. I like a purse that is easy to open and shut quickly. With little kids it seems like I am always in a hurry. Also, I wany a purse to stay shut, not accidently open.

    The purse you made is so pretty – you are very talented!

  37. I like a purse that will stand open while you dig through it, so I guess it needs to have a flat bottom. And I LOVE magnetic closures.

  38. I love a purse with a zippered pocket, sturdy handles/strap and a big enough internal area to hold one of my smaller knitting projects.

  39. Cute, cute, cute! And summery. I like a purse with a zipper, because I tend to toss my purse around and things fly out! And lots of pockets. Thanks for sharing!

  40. On my perfect purse I love to have one outside pocket where it can close to put my cell phone and keys otherwise I am always losing them!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!

  41. This is adorable!

    My favorite purse is a little one I made entirely of coasters that a friend brought me from Guatemala. It has six pockets, a zippered closing, and a long ribbon strap. It is only 5″ x 5″ but it holds an unbelievable amount of stuff.

  42. That is so cute! My ideal purse has a phone pocket and an ipod pocket. Especially the big bag I end up lugging around on a daily basis. A cute purse like the one you made? Well, that just needs to be cute! And match a pair of shoes!

  43. What a darling purse. I like to be able to open a purse a actually see everything inside. I love pockets, but not too many and of course they have to be super cute. Thank you for participating in this fun and generous give-away. :)

  44. The perfect bag for me would be brightly colored; have an outside pocket for a cell phone; two inside pockets; and have a unique design. Oh!! It would be handmade.

  45. Cute bag! I love thrifted finds! I love purses with lots of inside & outside pockets!

    ugli.tangelo.fruit at gmail dot com

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