Color is your friend


I saw this $20 version of the huge Pantone color deck on Sewing Divas today.  I’ve been hoping to find a cheaper version of their big deck for a while now.  I love love love love color and am always frustrated when colors don’t match just as much as I am much more peaceful when colors do match.  I think this will save me buckets of time selecting fabric and other such things.

In other news, I finished recording some violin for this project today.  I’m really happy with how I played and I’m excited to see the whole thing come together.  We seriously have so many talented people in our church.  It’s cool to see everyone come together for this.

I decided today too that I would like to have an mp3 player.  My students are constantly asking me why I don’t own one, and really I suppose it’s a lifelong vendetta that I have against Apple which began as many small irritations growing up working on Apples at school but was FOREVER cemented after learning Finale on an Apple in college.  At first I thought it was the program that was so darn hostile.  After buying Finale for my PC when I needed to write accompaniment tracks for my choir at school, I soon learned that no, it was the Apple that forced me to spend 3 times as long on each project as it should have taken…that much extra time in a very updated computer lab at a VERY good music school with MIDI keyboards and every other thing that should have made things faster.  I’m not computer-illiterate either which made the whole process even more aggravating.  So, even though I’m a music teacher, even though I listen to a lot of music here there and everywhere, even though toting around my CD collection is a bit of a hassle, I have stubbornly refused to buy an mp3 player because I was not going to buy an iPod and thereby support the very company that had caused me so much technology-related stress.  Silly me though–clearly there are other people who make such devices.  So my task for this week is to read some reviews and find a good deal on a non-Apple mp3 player.  I sincerely apologize if you are an Apple fan.  I shall never be.  I hope you can forgive me for my opinion and consider that I do not mean to offend.


One thought on “Color is your friend

  1. I need one of those color decks! I am AWFUL with matching colors! I see all of the cute clothes being made with different patterns, but color coordinated and I AM ENVIOUS! I am not too wild about Apple either, my hubby just got and iphone and I keep getting TONS of emails about this app and that app, and download this NOW!! AARRGH! I like the silverware fabric, post a picture when it is up!

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