A slightly less funky duvet

Right when we first got married, I turned my husband’s bachelor bed that currently resides in our computer/sewing room into a crazy if-it-were-only-pink-it’d-be-about-the-girliest-bed-ever with a duvet made from a green sheet and this fabric.


 I decided just like duvets. They give a bed loft that you can’t get from just a comforter.  They are also so simple to make that you can make a bunch to rotate out to change your bedding on a as it suits you basis.  They can mask a rather ugly old bachelor comforter too. 

The fabric that I won in my decor8 box a while back has been destined to be made into another duvet to be rotated out with this one occasionally. I think Nathan will be much less weirded out by this pattern. And the bright blue of the sheet was really what I had in mind when I sewed the first one–I just couldn’t find it. Nathan’s brother is coming to visit next week to go skiing with Nathan while I’m at a retreat with my women’s group, so I figured now was the time to get cracking on the whole project. So a sheet set from Target and a few French seams later, a whole new bedding ensemble.


2 thoughts on “A slightly less funky duvet

  1. Hey Elizabeth! Just wanted to drop you a line about the suggestion you made on my post about a woman’s fitted dress shirt pattern (via the SMS Forum)… I have NEVER heard of Burdastyle, and you may have just led me to my Mecca. Thank you so very much for recommending it to me! I will now commence making another 100 items, from *free* patterns no less! Squee!!

    Thank you for taking the time to make the suggestion. Who knows how long I would have gone without it?? You take care!!!

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