Sewing lesson!

I have been most looking foward to today.  My sister-in-law just bought a machine and today we put together a tote bag from Bend the Rules Sewing which I bought her for Christmas along with a little notions kit I put together.


This is the pretty box I decoupaged (somebody needs to bring that craft back–it’s so fun) to fit all the notions:


 It was nice to take a back seat and play the role of teacher for the day.  I realize that actually teaching music has forced me to do what I thought was completely unnatural for me (and was definitely at the beginning)–which is to teach and to do so more instinctively.  I still feel like as a musician, my brain is wired to perform and not as much to teach, but perhaps I could teach something else.  Who knows?! 

Here is her bag.  I think it looks great, particularly because it is one of her first projects.


It’ll be perfect for my nephew to cart around his toys in.

2 thoughts on “Sewing lesson!

  1. This was so much fun to make! Thanks so very much for your help….I can’t wait to have another sewing day!


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