So much to think about…

Nathan and I made it safe back home from our lovely trip to see his parents in California.  The dog was sad to see us go.  Here she is pleading for us to stay.


I keep meaning to post pics of all of the clothes that I’ve made for myself, but I keep being drawn away by writing about other things.  I don’t think I have project ADD, I think I’m just always thinking about what’s next.  Like the few projects I can’t talk about because they involve my family who reads this blog, and the birthday celebration that I’m throwing for one of the women in my prayer group, and the Amy Butler Nappy Bag I’m making for a friend at church who’s shower is next week.  I suppose now is the time to start thinking about what to make for Baby too.  See–all this and I can’t remember what I have done.

So, I WILL make myself (or Nathan rather) take pictures (which should look better because Nathan’s Mom generously gave us her old camera for Christmas).

Here are some pajama pants that I made from a thrifted bed sheet.  I lined them with cotton flannel because it was really really cold the day I made them.  The pattern is from S.E.W. Sew Everything Workshop–the yoga pants—very easy pattern (all the patterns I’ve made from this book are…I think it’s a good starting point for garment sewing).  I didn’t even have to hem them because I aligned the bottom of the pattern with the sheet hem.


Here are two maternity tops that I made from Butterick 5217 which is shockingly NOT a maternity pattern.  I say shockingly because the thing is enormous under the bust (it’s not obvious from the pictures because I’ve been belting them and pulling the extra fabric around to the back while covering the whole thing with a casual suit jacket).  You could probably fit a couple dozen watermelons under it and still have room to spare.  Thankfully, I’m only carrying 1 watermelon and I think these tops will serve me for the rest of my pregnancy.  They make me feel pretty too.  Again, this is a super super easy pattern.  There’s only 4 pattern pieces and the directions are clear and simple to follow.


I reversed the pleats from the pattern on this one.


 This one needs an iron.

Denver Fabrics has a New Year’s Day sale–30% off your whole order.  I think I will drive on down tomorrow to see if they have some nice knit fabrics.  I want to make a couple of dresses too.   Ahh!  More projects!

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