Not just for tutus


Tulle is really an excellent fabric to stick on the walls via diy wall decals.  I finished my advent calendar the other day and have planned on pinning it up on the bottom side of the bar that wraps around our kitchen.  Being an apartment, of course that bar is hum drum white and not exactly the backdrop I wanted for the calendar. 

I had read this post a while back but didn’t give it a try until yesterday.  It’s super super simple to attach the fabric to the walls and because it’s just cornstarch paste, there is zero percent chance of it damaging the hum drum white.  Again, I totally love the tulle.  It offers a subtle amount of color that will perfectly go with the calendar.  It’s hard to get a really good idea of how great this works because A) I’m not a great photographer and B) we really need a new camera before baby comes–hopefully you can fill in the gaps with your imagination.  I’ll post a pic of the calendar tomorrow.

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