Sweet Song

This week at school (and the previous 3) have been WACKY!!!  I had a program on Tuesday night for all of my kids–that’s 1st through 6th grade–with each grade presenting something plus Kindergarten.  Everything went really well, but I can’t say that I’m not happy to do be done with that.  The kids have been awesome through all of it which can be evidenced in how they sang their little hearts out.

I say all of this because I took a break from having choir rehearsals this month until today to prepare for this program.  I’m glad to be back having choir.  I was so glad, I baked a truckload of chocolate chip cookies for all of them.  I started doing this for my choir a couple of years ago to (ahem) “encourage” people to join choir, but I’ve kept doing it because it’s such a neat community building time.  After everyone had had seconds, there were still about a dozen cookies left, so we looked through their new music and I asked questions mostly relating to them having to physically read the octavo (ex: how many measures of rest are there before part 1 comes in?).  It was like Jeopardy! with cookies.  One of my 6th graders offered to give up a second cookie that he might win if he could give it to his 4th grade brother and sister.  I had no idea a little bit of baking would foster such amazing good will. 



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