Daily Archives: September 28, 2008

Free Fabric

I’ve been haunting Sew Mama Sew for months.  How can you beat a chance to win free fabric–really nice free fabric?  This past week, I entered as I have been, and I didn’t bother to check to see if I had won because I haven’t for months, and I’ve felt awful this week and haven’t checked my email at all.  Of course Murphy’s Law being what it is, I actually DID win (YIPPEE!), and was two days late in letting them know which fabric I wanted.  Thankfully, they were gracious and decided to send it to me anyhow.  I picked this:

Fabric 1974 by URBAN CHICKS- Teal Shimmer 100% cottonIt’s supposed to be teal (and it looks so on Sew Mama Sew, but the image wouldn’t load in WordPress so I looked elsewhere), and I hope it is because I’ve had this apron pattern sitting in a pile since February that has not been made because I have not been able to find a fabric that matches the fabric that I originally bought with the apron in mind.  If it doesn’t match, I’ll use it for the apron anyhow I think.  It looks aprony to me.

In other news, there’s 3 other women at church that I know that are also pregnant!  Two of them are on worship team with me which will be so so so much fun and the other is a really neat girl in our small group.  What a cool thing to be able to have a support system beyond my awesome family!