Lullabies for the not so young

My 6th graders this year have historically been a pretty rough group.  I’ve seen them through 5 years of a lot of really hard days.  This year I decided I wasn’t going to be afraid of them anymore.  I can’t change the circumstances in their lives that make them react to things the way that they do, I can just try and love them the best I can.

So today, I way went out on a limb.  There’s this beautiful lullaby that is in part of Jill Trinka’s collection.

The lyrics are thus:

Lady, lady, buy a broom for my baby

Lady, lady, buy a broom for my baby

Sweep it low, sweep it high, sweep the cobwebs out of the sky

Lady, lady, buy a broom for my baby

Text wise–this is SO NOT APPROPRIATE for 6th graders, but again, I decided to take a chance.  Why?  Because the melody is stunning (and will help my kids with tonic and dominant chords) and they need more beauty in their lives. 

It was AWESOME to watch them learning this song.  They were all embarrassed, but I could tell that they really liked it too–like they were shy about admitting how much their sweet little hearts were touched by this simple little tune.  In this super-techy world filled with so much noise and ugliness, I’m reminded of how the joy of a simple song can be just the balm a weary heart needs.  And the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Lullabies for the not so young

  1. I loved this post. When I was in high school, my mom was my English teacher – for all four years. She was a FANTASTIC English teacher. She also had this wonderful idea to read aloud to all of her classes on Wednesdays from a great book. You would be shocked and amazed and how offended my fellow high school students (read jocks, computer dudes, cool, not cool, outgoing, and shy) were when someting extraordinary happened and she was unable to follow through. Many, many days, they had ask me in the halls, “Is your mom reading today??” I believe everyone loves a lullaby and everyone loves to be read to – even if they won’t admit it!

  2. Please if you can, tell me the origin of the song, “Lady, Lady, buy a broom for my baby”……I have searched high and low for the author or origin of the song.

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