What do you listen to…

when you’re crafting/sewing?

Rick Bayless and his daughter Lanie’s cookbook has these neat little blurbs in each chapter of suggested music for cooking the various things each chapter is devoted to.  When I got this book and saw it I was intrigued because I never actually listened to anything while working before (with the exception of listening to all of my music history listening assignments while doing homework in college). 

So for me, certain days have certain moods.  Today is a Barber of Seville day–Rossini matches my happy mood.  Tomorrow probably will be polka time, and Saturday might be Mozart or Bach.

Here’s the start of my dress.  I finished the front and back sections and pinned the whole thing onto Tina.  I’m not sure I like the proportions yet.  I cut the pattern so to accomodate my smaller top/larger bottom….but it looks like the opposite is true at the moment.  Rossini will help me figure it out.  Hopefully I’ll finish it all tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What do you listen to…

  1. I definitely HAVE to listen to music… or something. Sometimes I will turn on a movie and just listen to it as I work, but music is super important in my work. Good luck with the dress!!!

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