I’ve been trucking away at my accordion practicing.  I’m amazed at how quickly I’m getting better.  I forget that I am a trained violinist and had to take 4 semesters of piano in college, but I’m still excited to be hearing myself get better and feel it getting easier.  What a fun instrument this is turning out to be!  I’m finding too that since my goal is not perfection as it often is and has been in playing violin, it’s not only more enjoyable to play, but my playing is becoming that natural sort of playing that I worked so many years to achieve as a violinist and finally attained in college.  That being said, I’m very much a beginner and am playing rather simple things now, but it’s motivating to see progress nonetheless.  I feel really blessed in having found my teacher too–he’s been teaching for something like 55 years and is truly a master accordionist.  He plays a little at my lessons and it’s truly awe-inspiring. 

Here’s what I’m working on (I’ll have to YouTube it when I master the chord changes on the second page): 


2 thoughts on “Accordion!

  1. I love the accordion, makes me feel so happy inside to hear that distinctive sound! I think it is becoming a bit of an endangered species as far as instruments go, good for you for picking it up.

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