Stampin Snails

This is a WIP

–but I’ve been shocked how fast it’s gone!  I stamped about 3/4 of this curtain for our computer room in about 2 hours.  My dandelion curtain took about a week–partly because it was twice as big, and I used a rubber stamp that I had carved which requires more pressure, but mostly because I stamped it 3 seperate times because my design had 3 layers to it.  I used potato stamps here and acrylic paint with an added textile medium.  I really love how clear the stamp is–the potatoes seem to have enough moisture to keep the paint from drying and muddying the design (yet another reason my other curtain took so long–I had to wash the stamp after about 10 impressions).  The textile medium is also a Godsend.  It really makes a nice finished product–I think I would still get a smoother finish from screenprinting ink, but this is what I tried today.

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