Polka Therapy…well some day.

So my aunt Gina (who I made the purse for in January) used to play the accordion.  I always thought that was cool growing up, but I have ALWAYS been a violinist.  I HAD to take class piano in college for my music ed degree and I passed my finals due to the grace of God and TA’s that were very generous.  During my sophomore year, I had a really difficult living situation.  That was the year that I really discovered polka.  You can’t listen to polka and be upset for too long.  Seriously.  Ever.  It’s impossible.  And if you can, you have a black black heart.  So sometime maybe a year ago I decided–hey, I have some reasonable piano skills and I have an extra violin that I’ve needed to sell, so why not sell that and buy an accordion?  Well, Sunday, I finally found one through the beauty of Craigslist.  It’s awesome.  It’s good for me to have a different musical outlet besides my violin.  I think sometimes I get bogged down with perfection when it comes to playing my violin and I forget about the sheer joy of playing.  So someday when I figure out all these crazy buttons, I’ll play polkas myself when I’m feeling blue and I’ll brighten people’s days.


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4 thoughts on “Polka Therapy…well some day.

  1. God is good. This would fall under the category of Him answering one of my sillier prayers. I’m glad that He thought that asking for an accordion wasn’t too silly. :) I’m not going to take lessons. I have enough piano experience to figure out the right side, so I’ll just work my way through a book to figure out the bass buttons. It’s good ear training for me.

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