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Perhaps I should have done this a bit ago before the contest started, but I’m still roughing out plans for Patternreview’s Mini-Wardrobe contest.  It’s okay as my only goal here is to finish and up my quality in these 4 garments…I hold no illusions that I’m a contender given all the amazingly talented people in this thing. 

This being said, I’m finishing up Vogue 1027, a very simple DKNY mock wrap dress. 

I’m a bit surprised at myself for making it up in brown, but this fabric was a really good quality and it’s seriously the color of hot chocolate foam…a little shimmery with flecks of white and a cool cast to it.  I picked it up at Denver Fabrics 2 weeks ago and kept thinking, “I can’t believe I’m falling in love with brown.” 

Up next is a Burda jacket in this wonderful pink seersucker (it feels so good).  I’m lining it in a pale pink rayon.  This will be my first official lined jacket and notched collar (they taunt me these notched collars…I’m seeing them everywhere now).  I got the Sandra Betzina video on linings at the library to help me.  I’m a bit intimidated, but I know I’m going to learn a ton from this one.  And it’s probably the piece I’ll wear the most.  I bought a navy corduroy jacket a couple of years ago that I love love love love love despite the fact that it’s tight across the chest (darn juniors clothes…petite scale, but not really).  I wear that jacket all the time in the spring, but it’s a bit dark.  Someday I’ll make a corduroy jacket that fits.

Next, I was going to make another scarf-collar top, but I tried it on with my jacket muslin and it looks weird.  Instead, I’m going to use the scarf-collar pattern since I’ve fitted it and I love how it fits and ditch the scarf.  I might just make a simple neckline binding, or if I’m feeling ambitious I might make something more elaborate.  I don’t know.  For this I have a navy rayon/lycra set aside.

The only fabric I haven’t bought yet is for a skirt.  I’m thinking a denim skirt would be fun, but I don’t want to do a simple A-line skirt, and I don’t want a straight pencil either.  I want to do this skirt,

but I’m not sure about its suitability for denim given the godets (I’d hate for them to be stiff and crunchy).  I’ve been thinking a nice embroidered eyelet would be fun for this.

Vote for me!

My tuffet fringe wristcushion is in the running for Sew Mama Sew’s Scrapbusters contest.  Vote for me here (I’m in the second grouppcdone!

On to other things:  I’m not a knitter.  I can’t crochet.  I must seriously be a shame to my family on this point given all of the beautiful doilies that my Mom’s mom made during her life and how my Czech great-grandma could make lace the real way by hand (she also made me an entire crocheted bedspread when I was little too complete with big yellow crocheted roses–amazing).  My Grandma tried to teach me–I couldn’t get everything nice and even and like most things that I don’t automatically take to (like sports) I gave up.  I really have come to terms with this.  I don’t think I could handle having bits of yarn all over anyhow as I (unlike my son, whom I strongly suspect is part cat) am neither fascinated nor inspired by bits of string.

But it’s getting cold here and my beloved turquoise wool scarf is showing some age these days!  But wait…I have fabric scraps and I remember seeing a friend in Bible study with a quilted scarf and I thought–that’s so cute and perfect!  So I cut wee 3″ by whatever length scraps from my stash, joined them with 1/4″ seams, pressed them, cut some flannel 2.5″ wide by the length of the scarf, basted some polar fleece scraps that were 2″ wide to the flannel, basted the flannel/fleece to the patchwork, cut a back, put right sides together, stitched around 3 sides and turned the whole thing, pressed it, stitched up the open end, and hand quilted it with bright pink and yellow embroidery floss.  Whew.  My neck is warmer.  And my son has a new toy to fascinate him while we’re out and about.